SANS Institute's Breach Avoidance: Yes, You Can!

Did you know that most breaches are avoidable?

By combining real-time knowledge, visibility and context of all IT assets (a la the CIS Critical Security Controls) with prioritized threat knowledge, organizations can focus their scarce resources on proactive efforts to avoid attacks’ potential effects. Moreover, processes and tools can act as “force multipliers,” allowing existing staff, with their individual and varied skill levels, to become significantly more productive and impactful by learning how to prioritize cyber risks by business impact and leverage deep learning to generate prescriptive fixes.

Attendees of this webcast will learn:

  • The importance of basic security hygiene, accurate threat knowledge, capturing “security unicorn” wisdom in processes and having the tools to prioritize actions
  • The value of using a security framework to guide security efforts
  • What you can do to protect your organization in a prioritized, proactive manner