New CISO's First Presentation to the Board

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Whether you’re a first time CISO or a new CISO to the organization, your first presentation to the board can be daunting. How do you sift through all the info available to you and decide on a compelling and clear roadmap for this first presentation?

This “New CISO Board Presentation” template will guide you and provide a blueprint to follow as you introduce yourself to the board, discuss cyber risks in business risk context, and present your strategic vision and roadmap for the Infosec function.

Download this template to get:

  • Detailed guidance on how to present your Infosec framework and strategic roadmap
  • Customizable slides to earn the Board’s trust and to provide a foundation for future CISO presentations to the board.
  • Additional slides to easily report on metrics and KPIs that the board cares about

BONUS: A simple way to get started on implementing the NIST cybersecurity framework.

Attention: Not a new CISO? If you have already presented to your board, check out 9 Slides Every CISO Must Use in Their Board Presentation.