How Balbix Helps VM Teams

Prioritize and remediate the most critical vulnerabilities in your environment

Vulnerability Evaluation and Prioritization

Improve vulnerability coverage

Aggregate data from various vulnerability sources to gain visibility into all vulnerabilities. Leverage AI to infer unseen vulnerabilities, eliminate duplicates, and reduce false positives.

Prioritize based on risk

Use severity, threats/exploits, external exposure, security controls, and business impact to prioritize vulnerabilities. Add CISA KEV intelligence for improved prioritization.

Real-time vulnerability inference

Infer vulnerabilities as soon as they are made public rather than wait for periodic scans to complete. With this approach, organizations can reduce the risk of critical vulnerabilities going unnoticed.

Vulnerability Dispatch and Workflow

Prioritize the latest patches

For every CVE, Balbix recommends a strategic patch that maximizes risk reduction while minimizing the number of patches to be applied, improving the mean time to patch (MTTP).

Automate dispatch & ticketing

Integrate with ticketing platforms to create remediation tickets with fix/patch information, owners, and priority, significantly improving the time to remediate vulnerabilities.

Track risk ownership

Analyze vulnerability distribution by specific users to understand those holding the most risk, enabling proactive communication to identify the root cause and recommend techniques to reduce risk.

Vulnerability Management Metrics

Benchmark VM programs

Track metrics such as mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) and mean-open-vulnerability-age (MOVA) to enable VM teams to measure their performance against other teams/BUs.

Create compliance reports within minutes

Generate reports on vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and control gaps by business units, locations, and mission-critical assets to ensure compliance with key regulatory SLAs.

“We use the Balbix risk classification system to identify the most critical assets to patch first. As a result, we have reduced breach likelihood from 88% to 35% in the past year.”

François Lepage, Director of Cybersecurity, The Master Group

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