AI-Powered Cyber Risk Management

Gain accurate visibility into your attack surface, remediate critical vulnerabilities, and get actionable insights to reduce cyber risk

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Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

  • Gain comprehensive visibility of your attack surface across all environments.
  • Continuously ingest, deduplicate, correlate, and unify asset data across all tools, including home-grown sources.
  • Enrich asset data with threats, vulnerabilities, controls and business impact.
  • Identify material assets and risks quickly, by streamlining cybersecurity and IT data.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity, threats, controls, and business context.
  • Automated identification and research of vulnerabilities and superseding patches.
  • Dispatch vulnerabilities to IT owners aiding in remediation and resolution.
  • Deliver against compliance requirements and frameworks, including DORA, NYDFS, TSA ASOE, and others.

Cyber Risk Quantification

  • Quantify cyber risk in monetary terms and deliver next best steps to reduce risk.
  • Get data-driven enterprise cyber risk calculation by combining asset-by-asset and group-by-group data.
  • Update your cyber risk based on dynamic changes in the environment.
  • Generate reports for benchmarking, ROI of investments, and compliance.

Workflows, Dashboards and Reports

  • Engage all your stakeholders and gamify risk reduction.
  • Use dynamic asset groups that match specific attributes to drive workflows, dashboards and reports.
  • Track and report for executives and the board on cyber risk risk distribution and progress.
  • Streamline materiality determination for easier SEC disclosures and compliance.

Our Approach to Integrations

Unlike traditional tools, we took a different approach to data integrations. Here is how:


Without “very wide” data models, data ingestion from multiple sources with similar data types will result in duplication, inconsistencies and information loss.


We built a comprehensive set of data models for assets, applications, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, threats, controls, and business criticality.


A typical data source feeds multiple models in Balbix. Leveraging AI, we automatically deduplicate, correlate, and normalize data.


Lastly, we built a generic connector to ingest data from any source, enabling new integrations within days, including proprietary and legacy data sources.

Average number of tools feeding data into Balbix at a typical Fortune 500
Attributes in Balbix’s unified data model for each asset
Average number of attributes in typical data source fed into Balbix

How is Balbix Different

Integrated platform

Balbix is a single integrated platform for Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management, Cyber Risk Quantification, and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management.


The Balbix platform is powered by 100+ AI models that solve different aspects of the cyber risk management problem.

Focus on Risk Reduction

Balbix was built with a single purpose – to surface insights and next best steps to burn down risk to acceptable levels.

Balbix Modules

The Balbix platform was designed as a flexible offering to help you solve a wide variety of security challenges without needing to re-do your security architecture.

Balbix core platform

Balbix Core provides you with CAASM capabilities and more – unified asset inventory, deduplicated, correlated and enriched with cybersecurity, IT and business context.

Vulnerability management

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities and patches based on risk. Drive remediation workflows and reduce MTTR and MOVA

Cyber risk quantification

Quantify cyber-risk in dollars broken down by risk owners and types. Demonstrate the ROI of your security program

AppSec risk

Map business applications to infrastructure, OS and DAST/SAST vulnerabilities as well as security controls

SBOM and advanced telemetry

Compensate for coverage gaps, and provide a runtime software bill of materials

Continuous CMDB enrichment

Improve accuracy of your CMDBs by updating assets attributes missed by CMDB reconciliation processes

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Analyzing, quantifying and managing cyber risk is a big data problem. Learn how security teams use Balbix to get cyber risk visibility and manage cyber risk down to acceptable levels.

The Power of The Balbix Platform

of telemetry
 each day
of vulnerability instances
business tags
security controls

Trusted by Global Organizations

Par Pacific simplified board reporting by consolidating and prioritizing security risks in a single dashboard.

Oerlikon improved asset visibility by 3x, achieving comprehensive visibility into all vulnerabilities.

The Master Group achieved a 69% reduction in breach risk with true risk-based vulnerability prioritization.

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