How Balbix helps CISOs

Quantify and reduce cyber risk to acceptable levels

Cyber Risk Governance

Personalized risk views

Deliver role-specific cyber risk governance dashboards for CISOs, CFOs, and chief risk officers. Gain real-time visibility into high-risk areas, enabling proactive mitigation.

Benchmark risk management

Evaluate and assess the risk associated with different business units, locations, assets, etc.

Lower risk with actionable next best steps

Understand specific risk issues to resolve to bring the cyber risk down to acceptable levels.

SEC Cyber Regulations

Quickly address: is it material?

Gain unified visibility into all assets and applications. Quantify the risk associated with every asset in monetary terms to facilitate materiality determination.

Disclose material incidents faster

With a unified view of assets and applications, security teams can determine if incidents impact material assets and make appropriate disclosures.

File defensible 10-Ks

With a data-driven foundation of materiality, organizations can confidently disclose cyber risk management plans, inspiring investor confidence.

Board Communication

Translate risk into monetary terms

CISOs can communicate cyber risk in monetary terms, such as dollars and euros, by business units, locations, and risk owners.

Demonstrate ROI of security investments

Measure the effectiveness and ROI of your cybersecurity tools and program by computing risk reduction in monetary terms.

“Balbix is an industry-leading platform that consolidates cyber risks into a single reportable model. This technology enables us to scorecard our risk remediation performance and gain continuous visibility into open security issues.”

Rhonda Gass, Stanley Black & Decker

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