How Balbix Helps GRC Teams

Deliver compliance, audit, and risk reports faster

SEC Cyber Regulations

Simplify materiality assessment

Gain comprehensive visibility into assets and applications. Quantify the risk associated with assets in monetary terms to facilitate materiality determination.

Expedite Form 8-Ks

By ensuring comprehensive visibility into all assets and applications, security teams can swiftly assess the potential impact of incidents on material assets and promptly initiate the necessary disclosure procedures.

Deliver defensible 10-Ks

With a materiality determination framework based on data, organizations can confidently disclose cyber risk management strategies in 10-K filings, instilling trust and confidence among investors.

Compliance Reports

Rapid compliance reporting

Produce compliance reports on assets, vulnerabilities, security controls, and SBOM across business units or mission-critical assets. This systematic approach ensures compliance with essential regulations such as NERC CIP, PCI, TSA-ASOC, and more.

Report cybersecurity maturity

Track your progress against a framework such as NIST by providing visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, controls, threats, and others that comprise the ‘identify’ function.

Risk Quantification

Quantify risk in monetary terms

Communicate cyber risk in dollars and euros, distributed by business units, locations, etc, to enable executives to understand high-risk areas and prioritize budgets appropriately for risk reduction.

Demonstrate ROI of security investments

Analyze the return on investment of your cybersecurity tools and programs by gaining insight into risk reduced with a specific initiative such as improving coverage of EDR.

“It was a little concerning at first to see red on some of our dashboard metrics, but because it allows us the laser focus we need to prioritize, our risk has steadily been decreasing as well as our mean-time-to-patch (MTTP)”

Fortune 100, Risk Officer

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