A Smarter AI for Cyber Risk Management

Leverage the power of Generative AI, deep learning and classic machine learning techniques to understand and rapidly reduce your cyber risk

A Smarter AI for Cyber Risk Management

Analyzing and improving cyber risk is hard

To understand your asset inventory and determine materiality, security teams need to deduplicate and normalize IT, security, and business data. Additionally, you need to quantify and measure risk considering vulnerabilities, threats, and exposure and evaluate the effectiveness of your controls. Quantifying risk involves complex probabilistic calculations on large volumes of data. The need for explainability and actionability makes this problem even more challenging.

Balbix AI works alongside your cybersecurity teams to analyze data and highlight critical cyber risks. It provides the next best steps for risk reduction and helps automate risk reduction.

Our unique approach

Balbix uses an ensemble of specialized AI models to analyze data from your cybersecurity and IT tools, as well as relevant external data sources. Together these models help you prioritize risk. Each of these AI models was purpose-built to solve a specific cybersecurity data science problem.

Balbix AI is responsible for building a clean asset inventory, identifying and analyzing vulnerabilities and threats, and evaluating security controls for risk quantification.

Attack Surface Management

Get Accurate Answers to All your Asset Questions


Balbix AI uses various AI/ML algorithms & techniques to identify and categorize assets in your attack surface.

Multiple models work in conjunction leveraging identifiers and attributes associated with assets to determine their type, geolocation, owner, and blast radius.

Finally, a weighted vote across different models is conducted to determine the asset category. This approach is similar to how humans categorize assets.

Get Accurate Answers to All your Asset Questions

Build a Strong Foundation to Manage Cyber Risk Effectively

Automate CMDB updates

Ensure every asset’s software, firmware, ports, and certificates are identified, tracked, and synchronized with your CMDB for a single source of truth.

Faster audit & Compliance

Leverage your unified asset inventory to speed up compliance reporting for both regulatory requirements and internal SLAs.

Understand and Fix Coverage Gaps

Detect and proactively address security control coverage gaps to reduce risk and optimize ROI on security tools.

Vulnerability and Risk Management

Gain Actionable Insights for Rapid Risk Burndown


Balbix AI enables security teams to identify and prioritize the risks posed by vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and out-of-date systems. It analyzes CVEs, asset exposure, threats, and business context to identify the areas of greatest risk.

To do this, Balbix AI uses a combination of large language models (LLMs) and classic AI techniques. These techniques overcome incomplete, missing, and stale data in NVD, vendor security pages, and threat feeds to prioritize & generate recommendations to rapidly reduce risk.

Gain Actionable Insights for Rapid Risk Burndown

Critical Risk Management Tasks that AI Can Simplify

Unpack adversary tactics

Leverage LLMs to infer adversary TTPs and predict time-to-exploit vulnerabilities

Incorporate security controls

Use ML algorithms to determine the effectiveness of existing controls on risks.

Identify risk owners

Speed up risk burndown with automated dispatch of issues to risk owners and track them to completion

Cyber Risk Quantification

Empowers You to Gain Trust with All Stakeholders


Balbix AI provides an estimate of the financial impact if your organization experiences a breach. It examines past breaches, taking into account multiple factors including revenue, employee count, assets, industry, and location, and assesses the potential cyber risk to your organization. The breach-risk values are presented in a currency format.

Once the risk is translated into monetary terms, you will be able to make informed decisions based on data rather than subjective opinions, assisting you in managing risks more effectively.

Empowers You to Gain Trust with All Stakeholders

With AI, Risk Quantification and Board Communication is Easier

Automate Materiality Determination

To ensure accurate and timely regulatory disclosures in a data-driven manner.

Show ROI of Security Investments

Demonstrate the value of your infosec program to senior executives and the board.

Calculate and Track Cyber Resilience

Demonstrate improvements against the NIST framework with time.

Safety and Confidentiality

Balbix AI Analyzes and Processes Your Data and Only for Your Benefit

We never share your organization’s data to ensure trust, privacy, and confidentiality.
The output of Balbix is readily available for downstream applications in your enterprise.

Customer Outcomes Made Possible by Balbix AI

Improvement in asset visibility in 3 weeks
Lower MTTR within 6 months
Lower cyber risk within 6 months
Cost savings within a year

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