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Learn how Balbix helps reduce cyber risk, prioritize vulnerabilities, and comply with global regulations.

Outcomes Powered by Balbix

Reduction in Breach Risk
Reduction in MTTP
asset visibility

Case Studies

Atento Case Study

Atento achieved 98% hygiene in their ServiceNow® CMDB

Carvana Case Study

Carvana reduced insurance premiums by 25% and improved coverage by 2x.

Greenhill reduced Mean Time to Patch (MTTP) by 50% within 6 months.

Par Pacific simplified board reporting by consolidating and prioritizing security risks in a single dashboard.

The Master Group achieved a 69% reduction in breach risk with true risk-based vulnerability prioritization.

Oerlikon improved asset visibility by 3x, achieving comprehensive visibility into all vulnerabilities.

An Electric Utility met all regulatory requirements by patching critical vulnerabilities within their SLA.

A Fortune 50 organization uses Balbix’s AI to identify all material assets and applications.

A financial services organization gained a 40% improvement in patching time.

A Fortune 100 discovered all Log4j instances within days instead of months, significantly reducing risk.


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“By providing contextual prioritization for security risks, threats, and exposures, Balbix enables us to focus our remediation efforts on the greatest risks in our environment and track improvements to our overall security posture over time. Balbix empowers us to see the forest for the trees.”

Dina Mathers,
CISO, Carvana

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Balbix shows the ROI of my entire cybersecurity program. We have invested a lot of money and effort in our security initiatives. With Balbix, for the first time, I am able to see the overall effect of the cybersecurity program.

John Shaffer,
CIO, Greenhill & Co.

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We use the Balbix to identify the most critical assets to patch first. As a result, we have reduced breach likelihood from 88% to 35% in the past year.

François Lepage,
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Manager

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We continue to make great strides in patching our workstations as the MTTP has gone down from 104 days to 50 days.

Justin Le,
IT Director, Par Pacific

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“Balbix gives me a holistic view of our breach risk exposure, a real-time heat map. I can consistently watch and effectively prioritize our ever-evolving areas of exposure and cyber-risk.”

Abe Smith,
Information Security Leader

Balbix has helped me and my team get an accurate prioritization of our risk and where we might get breached, giving us an up-to-date snapshot of our security posture.

Chief Information Security Officer,
Financial Institution

With Balbix, we can query for assets at risk and track remediation in real-time, shrinking the response time from weeks to hours.

Large US Telco

With Balbix’s help, [we] reduced the end-to-end risk mitigation workflow time from months to weeks.

Fortune 100 company

Balbix is a Leader in Cyber Risk Management

Incredible Product, easy to use, easy to implement

I personally like the way that Balbix can report the cybersecurity risks in real-time, quantify and convert them into a single reportable model.

Working with Balbix has been a very positive experience overall. The tool itself is powerful and highly customizable. The Balbix team responds rapidly to any requests or queries from my organization, and is always willing to work with us on new feature requests.

I’ve been very happy with Balbix, both the company and the solution. The team behind the product takes time to listen and really understand our needs, which is rare. This solution has provided us with unprecedented visibility into asset base and vulnerability exposure.

Balbix has been a great product for us. Its real time scanning abilities allow us to to look at the dashboard to see how vulnerable our networks are.