How Balbix Helps Security Architects

Assess and track your risk posture

Asset and Application Visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility

Deduplicate, correlate, infer and aggregate asset data across your on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and IoT/OT environments into a single dashboard to facilitate cyber risk management.

Detect EOL software

Detect OS, browsers, plugins, and other software in your environment. Identify and remediate End-of-Life (EoL) software that can be easily exploited due to unpatched vulnerabilities.

Control Assessment

Uncover coverage gaps

Detect gaps in security controls in your environment. Leverage these insights to prioritize remediation. For example, mission-critical assets with open CVEs and no security controls.

Detect control effectiveness

Analyze controls for efficacy against the vulnerabilities present in your environment.

Security Posture and Metrics

Assess cyber risk maturity

Track and measure your progress against a framework such as NIST by providing visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, controls, threats, and others that comprise the ‘identify’ function.

Benchmark VM programs

Track metrics such as mean-time-to-remediate (MTTR) and mean-open-vulnerability-age (MOVA) to enable VM teams to measure their performance against other teams/BUs.

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