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Solution Brief

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

In today’s digital landscape, businesses struggle with maintaining visibility over their dynamic network assets and potential vulnerabilities. This challenge is underscored by a recent report from Cybersecurity Insiders that revealed over half of organizations know fewer than 75% of their network assets. This glaring gap in asset visibility leads to issues like undetected vulnerabilities, uncontrolled risk proliferation, and compliance pitfalls

Organizations face hurdles in harnessing existing tools to gain a comprehensive asset inventory view, tracking rapidly evolving IT environments, and prioritizing assets for risk analysis and compliance. Additionally, there’s the challenge of creating an effective vulnerability management program based on a reliable asset-level foundation, ensuring consistent deployment of security controls, and managing upgrades, software rollouts, and EOL OS remediations effectively. Moreover, obtaining a comprehensive view of apps, including related infrastructure, prioritized vulnerabilities, risk, and ownership often feels like a daunting task.

However, these challenges, though complex, are not insurmountable.

We present a transformative solution – Balbix Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM).

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