Comprehensive SBOM for Your Environment

Discover and identify all vulnerable open-source and third-party libraries in real-time

How is our approach differentiated?

Comprehensive SBOM

Detect all software components on your virtual and physical machines, including open-source and third-party libraries.

Infer vulnerabilities

Leverage AI to detect vulnerable software libraries without waiting for lengthy scans to complete, which takes weeks.

Prioritize based on risk

Prioritize vulnerabilities by combining SBOM with their CVE data and service information (ports, services, etc.), asset exposure, and business impact to assess risk.

Remediate faster

Map open-source vulnerabilities to assets and their owners to ensure critical vulnerabilities like Log4j can be quickly remediated by creating tickets with the required context.

How Balbix’s SBOM Helps Security Teams

Rapidly lower risk

Gain visibility into complex vulnerabilities such as Log4j and Spring4Shell. Identify, prioritize, and remediate assets with these vulnerable software components.

Up-to-date CMDB

IT and security teams can export their SBOM inventory to popular configuration management database (CMDB) tools.

Reduce time to comply

With comprehensive visibility into software components and their associated vulnerabilities, threats, controls, and business contexts, security teams can deliver compliance reports faster.

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