Achieve Greater Visibility into Your Attack Surface

Build a robust vulnerability prioritization and deliver accurate risk and compliance reports

How is our approach differentiated?

Comprehensive coverage

Uses AI and ML to consolidate, normalize, and deduplicate data gathered from hundreds of IT, security, business, and home-grown tools via APIs for comprehensive visibility

Understand asset criticality

Automatically tag assets with business context to assess criticality, enabling materiality determination, vulnerability prioritization, and risk quantification

Automated risk analysis

Consolidate vulnerabilities [CVEs and misconfigurations] and security controls [EDR, VM tools] with assets to understand security and tool gaps

Flexible reporting

Slice and dice by business units, sites, owners, and more to operationalize IT and compliance reports on infrastructure and software assets, vulnerabilities, and security controls

How Balbix’s CAASM helps Security Teams

Better Risk Management

Gain comprehensive visibility into assets, applications, vulnerabilities, controls, and threats to understand & appropriately prioritize risk reduction.

Up-to-date CMDB

Improve the accuracy of your CMDB, such as ServiceNow, through automated updates of assets and attributes missed by your CMDB reconciliation process.

Automated compliance

Generate audit and compliance reports  about your risk posture – vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, End-of-Life (EOL) software, and more.

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