Unpack AppSec Risk for Security Leaders

Unified visibility into business applications and quantify risk of every application in monetary terms

How is our approach differentiated?

Unified visibility

Break down silos of CMDBs, GRC tools, and app scanners to gain visibility into all on-premises and cloud-based business applications on a single dashboard.

Actionable Insights

Quantify the impact and likelihood of a breach in mission-critical applications due to cyber-attacks to enable business decisions on cyber investments.

Prioritize remediation

Map applications to the underlying infrastructure, such as servers and storage, along with their CVEs and misconfigurations, to develop a more accurate risk remediation plan.

Flexible Reporting

Slice and dice by business units, sites, owners, and others to deliver risk and compliance reports for specific regulations

How Balbix’s AppSec Risk Helps Security Teams

Rapidly lower application risk

With a risk-based approach, security teams can quickly understand the business impact of CVEs/misconfigurations on specific applications and prioritize remediation appropriately.

Up-to-date CMDB

Improve the usability and accuracy of your CMDB, such as ServiceNow, through automated updates on application attributes missed by your CMDB reconciliation process.

Reduce time to comply

With comprehensive visibility into applications and their associated vulnerabilities, threats, controls, and business contexts, security teams can deliver compliance reports faster.

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