April 18, 2023

Product Announcement: Elevate Your Application Security with Balbix AppSec

Consider the Rubik’s Cube: it has 6 sides and 54 colored tiles, yet is maddeningly difficult to solve – a fact I learnt the hard way by spending untold hours as a kid. You know all of the elements are there in front of you, but it can be complicated to get those colors in the right places. With 43 quintillion possible configurations, solving all 6 sides seem impossible…until you learn the algorithms that help you solve the cube in minutes (or seconds)!

Segue to today where software applications serve as the cornerstone of modern organizations. Apps play a crucial role in business operations, customer engagement, and workflow management. Apps are the natural starting point for understanding cyber risk because they reflect an organization’s business objectives, priorities, and operations. However, for most organizations, visibility into cyber risk for applications shares similarities with a scrambled Rubik’s Cube.  There are intricacies related to custom apps, nested software components, app-specific configurations, compex deployments and underlying infrastructure, all managed across siloed systems and security tools. You know that all of the interrelated components are there, but just not lined up in a way that makes sense.

It’s time to solve the Cube…

Today, we are excited to announce that Balbix is extending its cybersecurity posture automation solution with Application Security (AppSec) and Risk Management enhancements. The outcome we enable? Clear visibility into your apps’ overall security posture, prioritization of the most risky issues, faster and more accurate remediation and better decision-making about application risk.

Balbix AppSec Dashboard
Balbix AppSec Dashboard

Balbix’s AppSec solution acts as a unifying force, connecting various aspects of application security to provide a comprehensive risk analysis, leading to the reduction of application-specific risks at unparalleled speed and scale. With Balbix’s new AppSec and Risk Management enhancements, you and your security team will be better equipped to address crucial concerns, such as:

  1. How to report on cyber risk from an application-centric view?
  2. How to gain holistic visibility into the application inventory across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, and ensure continuous monitoring of application security?
  3. How to efficiently identify and prioritize critical application vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to our organization while maintaining a holistic view of risk?
  4. How to ensure effective mitigation of application risks and vulnerabilities across our entire digital landscape?
  5. How to objectively quantify the potential impact of application security breaches?
  6. How to leverage advanced AI and automation to streamline our application security processes, saving time, cost, and manual workload for our security teams while ensuring a comprehensive understanding of application-related risks?

Embracing Balbix’s Comprehensive Application Security Approach

By adopting Balbix’s unified approach, organizations can better protect their applications and digital infrastructure and as a result, stay ahead of application risks. With our announcement today, you can now use Balbix to get:

  • Deduplicated and normalized application inventory
  • Application risk in monetary terms
  • Actionable application security

Deduplicated and Normalized Application Inventory

Securing your applications against potential risks begins with a clear understanding of your application landscape. However, achieving this visibility is challenging due to the complexity of modern application architectures, the use of multiple development frameworks, and the rapid pace of software releases. Balbix offers deep visibility into your application inventory across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments in near real-time.

This extensive visibility is achieved by aggregating, deduplicating, and normalizing data from various enterprise tools such as configuration management databases (CMDB), governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) systems, application and infrastructure vulnerability scanners, and more. With this information at their fingertips, security teams can efficiently assess and manage their organization’s application landscape. Comprehensive visibility serves as a solid foundation for the next steps in vulnerability management, such as risk assessment, prioritization, and remediation planning.

Balbix Unified Application Inventory View
Balbix Unified Application Inventory View

Application Risk in Monetary Terms

Balbix AppSec introduces a market-first capability to automatically assess application risk in monetary terms. By automating cyber risk calculations and translating application security data into actionable insights, Balbix enables organizations to quantify the potential financial impact of security breaches by extending its risk equation: Risk = Likelihood x Impact to the application level.

Balbix Cyber Risk Calculation

The application breach impact is determined by the monetary value of the application, which is configurable within Balbix. The factors driving application breach likelihood include a unified view of related vulnerabilities (including misconfigurations, CVEs, and coding errors), and failed controls. To build a single source of truth for vulnerabilities, Balbix ingests vulnerability data from various sources, including Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools, and automatically deduplicates, normalizes, and unifies it across all sources to create a reliable source of truth that security teams can confidently depend on.

By objectively understanding the risk of an application in monetary terms, businesses can make informed decisions regarding risk management, prioritize security investments more effectively, and minimize potential losses. This holistic approach offers CISOs the strategic intelligence necessary to protect their organizations. In addition to strategic outcomes, it also provides operational benefits to help security teams efficiently manage and prioritize their remediation efforts, ensuring that resources are allocated to the most critical risks.

Balbix Unified Risk Model Incorporates Application Risk in Monetary Terms
Balbix Unified Risk Model Incorporates Application Risk in Monetary Terms

Actionable Application Security Insights

Balbix’s AppSec solution is the first in the industry to combine risk visibility across the application and infrastructure layers. This provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their application risks in conjunction with related infrastructure assets, allowing security teams to investigate, prioritize, and remediate risks from multiple sources. Balbix’s application-to-infrastructure mapping capability enables organizations to automatically link both the inventory and risk associated with infrastructure assets to the apps that they support. Balbix additionally incorporates misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities surfaced by application scans into the overall risk of the application. Balbix then presents a unified view of the inventory, vulnerabilities, and risk associated with each application – enabling security leaders and their operational teams to better prioritize remediations and security investments based on a comprehensive and accurate view of business risk.

Unified view of Application Vulnerabilities by Severity and Type
Unified view of Application Vulnerabilities by Severity and Type

Wrapping up

What sets Balbix apart is our unique ability to deliver a comprehensive view of risk through a business lens by combining application-specific insights with our unified risk model. In addition, Balbix offers security teams Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) capabilities, advanced Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM), and Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) use cases. Balbix provides a holistic view of cyber risk that enables organizations to unify, prioritize, address, and report on the most critical risks with confidence, at unparalleled speed and scale.

Start your journey to a more efficient application security posture (and solve that Rubik’s Cube of risk) by scheduling a 30-minute demo with Balbix.