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Balbix for the Energy and Utilities Industry

Assess and reduce cyber risk to your critical infrastructure and comply with NERC

Cyber Risk Management

Gain visibility into your attack surface

Ingest data from dozens of tools to understand your IT/OT assets and assess their risk based on existing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, threats, and controls.

Rapidly lower cyber risk

Provide actionable recommendations to reduce cyber risk, along with its estimated monetary impact, to facilitate business decisions.

Assess business impact

Quantify cyber risk associated with owners and business units in monetary terms to understand the potential impact in a breach scenario.

IT/OT Ransomware

Reduce the risk of ransomware

Automate remediation by creating tickets with fix/patch information, owners, and priority, significantly improving the time to remediate vulnerabilities.

Assess ransomware exposure

Gain visibility into your IT/OT assets and applications prone to ransomware and malware attacks identified by CISA KEV.

Prioritize based on risk

Use severity, threats/exploits, external exposure, security controls, and business impact to prioritize vulnerabilities.

NERC Compliance

Automate compliance reporting

Comply with NERC CIP and other regulatory requirements by providing visibility into IT/OT attack surface, vulnerability assessment, and SBOMs.

Address NERC SLAs

Generate reports on vulnerabilities and misconfigurations by business units, locations, and mission-critical assets to ensure compliance with NERCs mean time to remediate (MTTR) requirements.

“Balbix enables me to see our cyber risk posture in real-time. It has enabled our team to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities without configuring scans. We love the simplicity of the Balbix.”

Justin Le, IT director, Par Pacific Holdings

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