Case Study

Par Pacific Uses Balbix for Quarterly Board Reporting and To Cut Mean Time to Patch in Half

For the Par Pacific security team, the complexity of their previous system was proving to be a huge source of annoyance. Despite patching consistently, they found themselves in a constant reactive mode. The team needed an elegant solution that would enable them to implement continuous risk-based vulnerability management, accurately prioritize vulnerabilities for fixing, and ultimately help them in reducing their mean time to patch (MTTP).

Read this case study to learn how Balbix helped them:

  • Get an up-to-date and comprehensive asset inventory
  • Identify risk as it emerges by continuously assessing all enterprise assets for unpatched software; default, weak, or reused passwords; misconfigurations; encryption issues; and more
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk and business criticality
  • Assign risk owners for each open vulnerability/risk item and dispatch required action items to owners
  • Quantify their cyber risk in dollars