Quantify Cyber Risk in Monetary Terms

Use data to measure cyber risk and provide actionable recommendations to mitigate risk

How is our approach differentiated?

Improved accuracy

Accurately quantify risk by using real-world data on assets and vulnerabilities, alongside security controls and breach loss information from external sources

Greater trust

Demonstrate how risk is measured by breaking it down into specific assets and applications, highlighting specific security issues contributing to that risk

Actionable recommendations

Provide specific steps to reduce cyber risk, such as remediating vulnerabilities and implementing security controls. Provide a measure of risk reduced in dollars

Executive reports

Deliver various executive reports such as risk distribution by applications, business units, ROI of security investment, and inherent, mitigated, and residual cyber risk

How Balbix’s CRQ helps CISOs

Establish credibility

With monetary measures for cyber risk, CISOs can improve communications and credibility with senior executives and better align security budgets with risk.

Rapidly lower cyber risk

Security teams can lower risk with actionable recommendations that specify specific programs, tools, and tasks to do next based on business context.

Comply with SEC

Using a quantitative approach to identify material risks, CISOs can easily establish materiality and file 8-K and 10-K disclosures describing their approach to materiality.

Lower cost

By measuring risk reduction for specific tools and programs, CISOs can consolidate or decommission tools that do not provide expected ROI.

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Practitioner guide to CRQ

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