Solution Brief

Automated Cyber Risk Quantification Using the Balbix Platform

Cybersecurity and business leaders are recognizing the need to analyze, manage and communicate cyber risk in the same way as any other risk to the business, in quantified money terms. However, cybersecurity and risk teams have traditionally faced many challenges when pursuing Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ).

Traditional CRQ methods typically use a simplistic, tops-down, aggregate risk calculation leveraging subjective inputs – resulting in lack of confidence, trust, and usefulness of the analysis across stakeholders. Quantifying cyber risk can also take weeks of manual effort to complete, making it impossible to make real-time business decisions and quickly account for new threats.

Balbix helps customers quantify their cyber risk with a continuously automated, data-driven approach enabling clear communication, defensible analysis, and specific actions to dramatically lower cyber risk. The Balbix Security Cloud platform enables a maximally automated, continuous, and high-velocity quantification of cyber risk across your entire organization to rapidly address your most critical risk scenarios. Read this solution brief to learn more.