Balbix for the Healthcare Industry

Quantify cyber risk in your organization and comply with healthcare regulations

Cyber Risk Quantification

Prioritize investments with next best steps

Based on risk distribution, get actionable recommendations to reduce risk and their monetary outcomes.

Translate risk into monetary terms

Communicate cyber risk to boards/executives in monetary terms, such as dollars and euros, by business units, locations, and risk owners.

Demonstrate ROI of security investments

Measure the effectiveness and ROI of your cybersecurity tools and program by computing risk reduction in monetary terms.

Healthcare Compliance

Automate compliance reporting

Comply with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations by providing visibility into the attack surface, vulnerability assessment, security controls and SBOMs.

Deliver defensible SEC’s 10-Ks

Using a materiality determination framework rooted in data, financial institutions can confidently disclose cyber risk management strategies in 10-K filings.

Report cybersecurity maturity

Track progress against a framework such as NIST by providing visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, controls, threats, and others that comprise the ‘identify’ function.

Ransomware Evaluation and Prioritization

Understand your ransomware exposure

Aggregate data from various vulnerability sources to gain visibility into all vulnerabilities prone to ransomware. Leverage AI to infer unseen vulnerabilities, eliminate duplicates, and reduce false positives.

Prioritize based on risk

Use severity, threats/exploits, external exposure, security controls, and business impact to prioritize vulnerabilities. Add CISA KEV intelligence for improved prioritization.

Real-time vulnerability inference

Infer vulnerabilities as soon as they are made public rather than wait for periodic scans to complete. With this approach, organizations can reduce the risk of critical vulnerabilities going unnoticed.

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