Doing More With Less in Cybersecurity

8 Key Areas to Increase Efficiency

In an effort to build and support a comprehensive and mature cybersecurity program, organizations have, through no fault of their own, unintentionally assembled dozens of point solutions over the last decade and beyond. During this same stretch of time, astounding technological advancements have led to improved operational efficiencies, competitive differentiation, and convenience for both customers and employees alike. However, the speed of this innovation forced security minded executives to bless a ‘check box’ mentality for their security toolset, resulting in excessive expenses and clutter.

Security leaders who are being asked to closely evaluate their spending without sacrificing risk levels should start by organizing their breach prevention arsenal into categories. Once identifying these categories and aligning them with larger business goals, look for solutions rather than ‘tools’ that can accomplish objectives in multiple areas, simplify your workflows, and allow you to cut unnecessary costs.

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