Solution Brief

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

The recent Ponemon Institute report shows that over half of all organizations faced a security breach last year, underlining the importance of strong vulnerability management for cybersecurity. Yet, managing such programs can be tough.

Key challenges include finding blind spots in asset and vulnerability checks. Often, it takes days or weeks to uncover new vulnerabilities – much longer than the ideal timeframe of minutes or hours.

Also, organizations struggle to manage and prioritize the vast number of vulnerabilities revealed by different tools, and it’s time-consuming to research fixes. It’s crucial to find ways to give remediation teams accurate information quickly and to speed up backlog clearance.

Measuring the success of remediation efforts against Service Level Agreement (SLA) policies can also be tricky. Many are still looking for effective ways to automate performance tracking and benchmarking of their vulnerability management programs.

While these challenges are real, they aren’t insurmountable. By evolving and automating our vulnerability management, we can tackle these pain points head-on. This proactive strategy keeps us ahead of potential threats and strengthens our cybersecurity. Read this solution brief to learn more.