Balbix Extends Cybersecurity Posture Automation Platform with Application Security and Risk Management Capabilities

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New AppSec capabilities enable cybersecurity teams to identify, prioritize and respond to application vulnerabilities enterprise-wide at unmatched speed and scale.

Balbix, the leader in cybersecurity posture automation, today announced the addition of advanced Application Security (AppSec) and risk management capabilities to the Balbix Security Cloud platform. Enterprise cybersecurity teams can now efficiently identify, prioritize, and mitigate application vulnerabilities while accurately quantifying application risks in monetary terms. As with all other Balbix platform features, these capabilities work in a unified way uniformly across cloud-based and traditional applications. These new features demonstrate Balbix’s focus on providing the most comprehensive attack surface visibility and automation for cyber risk management.

In today’s digital landscape, businesses rely heavily on software applications to engage with customers and manage operations. The recent increase in application component vulnerabilities, such as Log4j, Spring4Shell, and OpenSSL, emphasizes the importance of robust application security measures. Balbix’s AppSec and risk management capabilities are vital to securing applications, minimizing business risk, and protecting customer data.

Balbix’s new AppSec module provides deep visibility into an organization’s application inventory by automatically deduplicating, normalizing, and unifying application vulnerability data from multiple cybersecurity, IT and business tools. Balbix’s unified risk model now incorporates application risk in monetary terms, providing organizations with an enhanced view of their cyber risk posture in business language. This enables security teams to prioritize and remediate application security vulnerabilities based on risk, in near real-time. Balbix’s advanced AI capabilities provide unparalleled automation, which eliminates numerous manual tasks and allows security teams to focus on high-priority issues.

With its unified risk model, Balbix goes beyond traditional AppSec vendors to offer security teams comprehensive Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) capabilities, advanced Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM), and Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) use cases. Unlike other AppSec solutions, Balbix’s approach provides a holistic view of cyber risk that enables organizations to prioritize and address the most critical risks.

“Software application vulnerabilities are a growing concern for organizations, as the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks continues to rise,” said Ed Amoroso, Founder and CEO of research and advisory firm TAG Cyber. “Balbix’s new AppSec capabilities help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities and implement effective security measures to prevent adversaries from exploiting them. By providing a normalized source of truth for application inventory and vulnerabilities, Balbix enables businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their security posture and make informed decisions regarding risk management and resource allocation.”

Balbix’s AppSec features not only stand out at discovering and prioritizing application vulnerabilities and quantifying application risk, but they also provide a crucial link between the application layer and the underlying infrastructure. This is achieved through an industry-first application-to-infrastructure mapping capability, which allows businesses to visualize the relationships between their applications and the infrastructure on which they depend.

Gaurav Banga, Founder and CEO of Balbix, underscores the critical nature of effective application security in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. “Our mission at Balbix is to help organizations enhance their cybersecurity posture through maximal automation and AI. By introducing our new AppSec capabilities, we’re advancing that mission, equipping security teams with the tools necessary to swiftly and accurately identify, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in their applications.”

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Balbix enables businesses to reduce cyber risk by quickly identifying and mitigating their riskiest cybersecurity issues. Our SaaS platform, the Balbix Security Cloud™, ingests data from businesses’ security and IT tools so they can understand every aspect of their cybersecurity posture, build a unified cyber risk model and obtain actionable insights for risk reduction. With Balbix, businesses can automate and unify their cloud and on-prem asset inventory, conduct continuous risk-based vulnerability management and quantify cyber risk in dollars. Executives and operational teams can make cybersecurity decisions based on data, not opinions.

A rapidly growing set of Fortune 500 companies trust Balbix as the “brain” of their infosec programs and are realizing the benefits of maximally automated workflows and reduced cyber risk. Balbix was recognized in CNBC‘s 2022 list of Top 25 Startups for the Enterprise and ranked #32 on the 2021 Deloitte Fast 500 North America.