More Attack Surfaces = Higher Breach Risk



It has become increasingly challenging to protect, across all attack vectors, coupled with understanding external threat risk.

Traditional device inventory systems struggle to identify the proliferation of assets across newer vectors such as cloud, BYOD and IoT, as well as identify an asset’s breach impact


The Balbix Approach: Avoid Breaches

Balbix and its BreachControl™ platform helps your enterprise avoid breaches by providing continuous and real-time risk prediction, and proactive control of breaches by creating a prioritized list of mitigation actions and prescriptive fixes.


Get Ahead of Breaches by Predicting & Proactively Controlling Them



3 Steps to Proactively Avoid Breaches


A proactive approach to breach avoidance starts with putting the right tools in place to comprehensively assess your breach risk internally, across all attack vectors, coupled with understanding external threat risk. 

Perimeter vs Core
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Given limited resources and time, you need to prioritize the actions you take to proactively mitigate the huge list of potential breaches that comes from mapping your full list of IT assets across the number of potential attack vectors.


To maximize security effectiveness and security/IT team efficiency, the security team needs to know exactly how to prescriptively fix each prioritized mitigation action.

Prescribing Fixes


Highly Visual & User Contextualized

Highly Visual & User Contextualized
Context-Based Viewing


Business owners, security and IT team members, CISO and CIO, board members and auditors all have an important role to play to ensure the enterprise does not get breached. Balbix provides a contextual view of breach risk – including business context – for all of these personas from a single integrated system…automatically.


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