Al-Powered Cybersecurity Posture Transformation

88% of breaches are due to poor cyber-hygiene. Balbix enables you to transform your cybersecurity posture and reduce breach risk by 95% or more.

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Overwhelmed with alerts from your vulnerability tool?


How to Calculate your Enterprise's Breach Risk


5 Steps to Improve Cyber Resilience

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Do you struggle to quantify cybersecurity posture for your board?


more accurate visibility of your cybersecurity posture
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Leverage Advanced AI to Transform Your Cybersecurity Posture

The enterprise attack surface is massive and there is a myriad of ways by which attackers can breach the enterprise. To get an accurate idea of breach risk, security teams need to analyze a lot of data – up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from the extended network of devices, apps and users.

Analyzing and improving cybersecurity posture is not a human scale problem anymore.

Using specialized AI, Balbix automatically gathers and analyzes comprehensive inventory and threat information. Our platform enables a broad set of vulnerability and risk management use cases that help to transform your enterprise security posture.

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How Customers Use Balbix

100x Cybersecurity Posture Visibility


Risk-Based Vulnerability Management


Cyber-Risk Reporting for Board of Directors


Automatic Asset Inventory

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Gamification of Cybersecurity Posture Transformation


Visibility and Security of IoTs, OT and Cloud Assets

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What Customers Are Saying

"You know how your security tools give you 10,000 things to do without prioritizing your risk? Balbix is different. It categorizes and accurately prioritizes our risk and tells me where we might get breached – every single time something changes in my security posture.”

Jason Brown

CISO, Carvana

"Balbix gives me a holistic view of our breach risk exposure, a real-time heat map. I can consistently watch and effectively prioritize our ever-evolving areas of exposure and cyber-risk. Because Balbix presents us with a proactive list of possible breaches that are prioritized by business risk, we can best use every hour of my team’s time to secure our business.”

Abe Smith

Information Security Leader

"We have been using Balbix with great success for its real-time breach risk heatmap to inform our various security initiatives. Balbix’s capabilities complete the loop by enabling us to conduct our security operations with comprehensive enterprise and external threat context, and progress towards a highly cyber-resilient security posture.”

Sebastian Goodwin

CISO, Nutanix

"Balbix's AI technology has allowed companies to save precious time and resources, which can translate into millions of dollars should a breach occur.”

CP Gurnani

CEO, Tech Mahindra (Balbix Partner)

Industry Recognition

Gartner Coold Vendor 2018
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ABA19 Gold Winner
TMCnet Tech Culture 2018
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