Balbix predicts breach risk for your enterprise across hundreds of attack vectors.


Your Enterprise's breach risk is constantly changing and evolving. Balbix monitors breach risk continuously for all devices, apps and users.


Balbix analyzes hundreds of attack vectors to calculate breach likelihood and business impact across your entire enterprise.


Gain complete risk visibility for your enterprise within hours. Eliminate manual risk assessment and free your security team to focus on what matters.

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Continuous Risk Heat Map

Balbix's clickable and searchable risk heat map provides a real-time view of your enterprise breach risk and drivers.

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Don’t React. Predict.

Don't just wait for a breach to occur- take action! Balbix continuously monitors every device, app and user across hundreds of attack vectors to predict the most critical business risks.

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Balbix in 60 seconds


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Prioritize and Mitigate

Balbix detects areas of highest risk in your enterprise and prescribes tactical and strategic actionable insights your security team needs to prioritize initiatives and mitigate threats.

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Measure Cyber-Resilience

Are your existing security controls effective and where are the gaps? Balbix provides accurate risk visibility and analysis for your management, board, and auditors. 

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