Turn Siloed Cybersecurity Data into Accurate Asset Inventory Better Vulnerability Management Risk Quantified in Monetary Terms

Harness your data and leverage the most advanced AI models to reduce cyber risk down to acceptable levels

Your AI-Powered Cybersecurity Brain

Transform your cybersecurity posture with a data-driven understanding of your cyber risk. Drive a decrease in risk, easier compliance and lower costs

A Unified Platform for Cyber Risk Management

Comprehensive visibility

Gain a single unified and inspectable view of all your assets, users and applications with correlated and applicable vulnerabilities, threats, controls, business impact and compliance issues


Act on next best steps for risk reduction and compliance leveraging tactical and strategic insights to decrease your mean time to mitigate risk. Reduce residual risk to acceptable levels

Map cyber risk to dollars

Increase understanding and engagement of cybersecurity issues in your senior leadership team, your board as well as risk owners across the organization by using the language of money

Innovative AI

First use AI to deduplicate, correlate and unify data from your siloed tools. Then convert AI-powered insights on the strengths and gaps in your cybersecurity posture into an effective strategy to manage your material cyber risks

Balbix is a Leader in Cyber Risk Management

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