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What Assets will the Attacker Go After?

Not all assets are equal. Devices and apps that have access to sensitive networks or data significantly increase your breach risk. Balbix automatically discovers all assets in your enterprise by observing your extended network from inside-out and outside-in, and then calculates the business impact for each asset by examining its access to sensitive networks, services and data.

Where will the Attack Originate?

Balbix automatically and continuously analyzes each device in your extended perimeter, and in the enterprise core across hundreds of attack vectors to identify those assets that are most likely to be compromised or are the easiest to attack. We examine indicators of risk across 200+ dimensions including weak and shared passwords, misconfiguration, susceptibility to phishing, unpatched software, quality of encryption, etc.

Perimeter vs Core


How will the Attack Propagate?

Do you know the likely attack propagation paths in your network that can be used for lateral movement? These paths can be calculated by examining each device’s specific connectivity and access to the enterprise's high impact assets such as sensitive networks (PCI), critical network infrastructure (AD), and data center/cloud. Balbix identifies all such paths and analyzes and sorts the corresponding breach scenarios by risk. 

Continuous, Comprehensive and Prescriptive Risk Heatmap

To prevent breaches, you must understand risk for every network asset across hundreds of possible attack vectors. The Balbix platform provides a continuous and comprehensive measurement of your security posture and predicts your breach risk across your entire hyper-dimensional attack surface. Balbix also provides tactical and strategic prescriptions to help you deploy the correct mitigations, reduce breach risk and improve your enterprise's cyber-resilience.  




Built for Humans!

Your cyber-security posture has many technical details. However, business owners, security and IT team members, your CISO and CIO, senior management, board members, auditors, insurers and regulators all have an important role to play to make sure your enterprise does not get breached. These stakeholders need access to relevant and accurate information about IT risk in business context, so that the right decisions can be made. Balbix provides a contextual view of breach risk for all of these personas from a single integrated system.


Why Balbix?


Your enterprise's attack surface is constantly evolving. Balbix continuously monitors breach risk for all devices, apps and users.


Balbix analyzes hundreds of attack vectors to calculate breach likelihood and business impact across your enterprise, including IoT and Cloud.


Balbix provides actionable prescriptions to mitigate breach risk for your enterprise. Prioritize your security efforts to focus on what matters.

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