Balbix BreachControl™

Analyzing and improving your cybersecurity posture is not a human scale problem.

Using deep learning and other specialized artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, BreachControl gathers comprehensive inventory and threat information. It enables a broad set of vulnerability and risk management use cases that help to transform your enterprise security posture.

Use cases include:

  • Risk-based vulnerability management
  • Automatic asset discovery and inventory
  • Board level breach risk reporting
  • Security posture visibility and transformation
  • IoT, cloud, ICS security
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AI-Powered Cybersecurity Posture Transformation

Balbix leverages AI to analyze the enterprise attack surface and provide a 100x more accurate view of breach risk.

Our system provides a real-time risk heatmap calculated from sensor observations of asset inventory, vulnerabilities, threats, business criticality, and compensating controls. It provides a prioritized set of actions that your security team can take to improve security posture and reduce breach risk.

Why Choose Balbix?

Quantify Security Posture Improvements

Calculate the expected ROI and actual risk reduction of your security projects for the Board and C-suite.

Get 10x Increase in Your Security Team's Efficiency

Enable your security practice to become more effective. Realize immediate cost savings from automation, deep security context, and analytics.

Reduce Breach Risk by 95% or More

Improve your security posture and reduce your breach risk through real-time inventory, risk-based vulnerability management, and prioritized mitigating actions.

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