Balbix BreachControl™

Protecting your massive and constantly growing attack surface is not a human scale problem anymore.

Using deep learning and other advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, BreachControl gathers comprehensive inventory and threat information to enable a broad set of vulnerability and risk management use cases.

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Beyond Vulnerability Management:
Breach Avoidance

Balbix helps your enterprise avoid breaches by continuously discovering your IT inventory, predicting its breach risk, and providing a prioritized list of mitigation actions + prescriptive fix recommendations.

Avoid Breaches

Why Choose Balbix?

Get Rapid Visibility
across All IT Assets

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Automatic & continuous discovery and inventory of all applications, users, and IT assets – both managed and unmanaged – including IoT, cloud, on-premises, mobile, and third party, offers unmatched visibility.

Enable SecOps to Be
Proactive & More Effective

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Prioritized list of mitigation actions based on business risk and prescriptive fixes for the security team to proactively scope and fix security issues maximizes SecOps effectiveness.

Improve Cyber–Resilience
& Avoid Breaches

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Comprehensive discovery and monitoring of all points in the attack surface and analysis of this information to predict critical breach scenarios enhances cyber-resilience.

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