8 Must Have Features for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

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Traditional Vulnerability Management approach has become increasingly ineffective as cyber-attacks continue to grow in volume and sophistication. It is no longer enough to just enumerate vulnerabilities due to unpatched systems. This e-book highlights 8 key distinguishing features that transform a traditional VM program into risk-based vulnerability management, which enables organizations to avoid breaches by continuously discovering and monitoring all points in their attack surface and take appropriate mitigation steps.

The eight must-have capabilities of a risk-based vulnerability management are:

  1. Automatic discovery and inventorying of all IT assets, applications, and users
  2. Visibility on all types of assets including BYOD, IoT, cloud, and third party
  3. Coverage of attack vectors beyond just scanning for vulnerabilities in unpatched software
  4. Continuous and real-time monitoring of all assets across all attack vectors
  5. Understanding of context and business risk for each asset
  6. Create a complete picture using AI and ML to analyze the volume of data collected from thousands of observations
  7. Prioritized list of security actions based on comprehensive assessment of business risk
  8. Prescriptive fixes to address