8 Steps to Prevent Ransomware

Ransomware is malware that encrypts data and offers to decrypt that data only if a ransom is paid. There is often a threat of permanent deletion of the data if the ransom is not paid within a certain amount of time. Ransomware, like many other forms of malware, makes its way into an organization using a variety of techniques—phishing, stolen or weak credentials, vulnerability exploitation, etc. Once it infiltrates the corporate network, most malware spreads across that network, finding and encrypting more data on more machines. The result can be catastrophic, freezing access to information systems across even large companies, bringing their business to a standstill.

There are a number of key steps that organizations need to take in order to minimize the chances that ransomware will freeze them out of critical assets. Read this eBook to learn how to make your security team more effective at the job of preventing ransomware.