Elevate Your Cooking (and Your Security Posture) Cookbook

In this cookbook, cybersecurity leaders share recipes to elevate your everyday cooking and dish out tips to improve your security posture.

We are busy folks in cybersecurity. After spending our workday dealing with heavy stuff like vulnerabilities, cyber risk, patching, attack vectors, CVSS, NIST frameworks etc., we crave for simple and easy for our non-work lives, especially when it comes to food. For a lot of us, everyday cooking calls for simple ingredients and well-known dishes that we make over and over again (that is, unless your partner is a gourmet chef, or you eat take out or frozen meals a lot!) While everyday cooking is wholesome and familiar, sometimes, we do need to change things up a bit to avoid getting too comfortable and get bored. We caught up with some cybersecurity experts and asked them what they do to elevate their home cooking from time to time. And of course, since we were talking to security experts, we couldn’t resist asking them for their best tips and ideas to improve their organization’s security posture.