Balbix AI Demo

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Join Mary Laura, cyber risk management expert, as she demonstrates how Balbix uses AI to provide visibility into your attack surface and delivers actionable steps to help reduce cyber risk.

No need to schedule a call or conduct thorough research on your own. Join here to learn how we use AI for risk reduction.

This 20-minute demo covers how Balbix AI:

  • Provides visibility into all assets and applications
  • Delivers actionable next steps to reduce critical cyber risk
  • Estimates cyber risk in currencies for better decisions

Key Takeaways:

  • Is AI necessary? Understand what aspects of cyber risk management does AI improve and your alternative options
  • Your ROI: Estimate time and cost savings you can potentially gain if you choose Balbix AI

Speaker profile:

Mary Laura Samples is a risk management expert at Balbix. Previously, she was a cyber risk consultant at RiskLens and EY. In her role, she regularly advises senior security leaders on how to manage and mitigate cyber risk.