Master the SEC's latest Cybersecurity Regulation: 5 Key Questions Answered

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The SEC’s cybersecurity regulations are around the corner. While many CISOs are uncomfortable with the regulatory asks, there is little time to dwell on the requirements and move to implementation. This webinar discusses practical tips on how CISOs and the senior leadership team can address SEC’s requirements.

Join Ed Amoroso, Former CSO at AT&T and founder of TAG InfoSphere, and Gaurav Banga, CEO at Balbix, for an insightful discussion on SEC’s cybersecurity regulation. Ed and Gaurav have had hundreds of conversations with US public company CISOs and senior executives about the new SEC regulations. In this webinar, they discuss:

  • What is top of mind for CISOs right now
  • How do they operationalize the 4-day disclosure rule
  • What needs to go into 10K and 8K filings
  • What do mature vs. less mature companies need to do