Webinar: Quantifying Cybersecurity Posture for the Board of Directors

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Today, most C-suite and boardroom discussions on cybersecurity are based on gut feelings and incomplete data. Many CIOs and CISOs are quite uncomfortable in these meetings, mainly because they know that they only have a vague idea about the enterprise’s overall cybersecurity picture and are forced to pretend they know what’s going on.

If a major cybersecurity incident happens, some senior executive becomes the scapegoat. Everyone agrees to increase cybersecurity spending and tighten things up. Then the cycle continues, but nothing really changes. How can we all do better?

Join Gaurav Banga, Founder and CEO of Balbix as he discusses:
– Behind-the-scenes deliberations in the board room
– Challenges in understanding and measuring the enterprise security posture
– What a mature and cyber-resilient security posture looks like
– How you can get there

Gaurav Banga, PhD is the founder and CEO of Balbix, and he also serves on the boards of several companies. Before founding Balbix, Gaurav was the co-founder and CEO of Bromium and led the company from its inception for more than five years.

Earlier in his career, Gaurav served in various executive roles at Phoenix Technologies and Intellisync Corporation. He was also co-founder and CEO of PDAapps, which was acquired by Intellisync in 2005. Gaurav started his industry career at NetApp. He has a doctoral degree in computer science from Rice University. He is a prolific inventor with
more than 60 patents.