Gamify DBIR Findings for Faster Vulnerability Remediation

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Join Alex Pinto, Associate Director of Threat Intelligence at Verizon, and Aravind Iyengar, VP of Engineering at Balbix, as they explore emerging challenges in traditional vulnerability management:

  • The exploitation of vulnerabilities is increasingly becoming the initial step in cyber incidents.
  • The time between the discovery of vulnerabilities and their exploitation in the wild has markedly decreased.
  • Vulnerability management practices across industries have not kept up with these trends.

Drawing insights from the recently released 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) and its underlying data, Alex and Aravind will discuss:

  • How traditional methods of using vulnerability-specific scores and SLAs are proving either ineffective, leaving too many opportunities for exploitation, or inefficient, casting a wider net than necessary and often resulting in team burnout.
  • The critical need to incorporate real-time threat intelligence, vulnerability risk attributes, the realities of deployed mitigations, enforced controls and the business impact context into vulnerability management.

This webinar will offer insights on enhancing your vulnerability management practices and how adopting a risk-based approach can keep you ahead of threats. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a more effective strategy for protecting against fast-moving exploits!