Transforming Attack Surface Management with AI

Discover cutting-edge insights on attack surface management and the role of AI in cybersecurity with two industry pioneers as they delve into the complexities of cybersecurity, discussing modern trends, AI integration, and how enterprises can effectively manage their risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI in Cybersecurity: Learn how AI models, especially large language models, revolutionize the way enterprises handle attack surface management by providing enhanced visibility, risk assessment, and actionable insights.
  • Managing Attack Surfaces: Understand the critical importance of managing attack surfaces in today’s fast-paced threat landscape, where automation and AI play pivotal roles in both defense and offense.
  • Deployment and Integration: Gain insights into how Balbix’s platform integrates with existing tools and systems, and how a proof of value (PoV) can quickly demonstrate significant risk reduction and improved security posture.


  • Dr. Ed Amoroso, Founder of TAG InfoSphere
  • Gaurav Banga, Founder and CEO of Balbix

Don’t miss this insightful discussion—watch the full session to learn how AI is transforming attack surface management and how you can leverage these advancements to protect your organization.