3 slides for CISOs to summarize the new SEC Cybersecurity Rule to your CEO and the board

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The newly introduced SEC cybersecurity rule is a major topic of discussion in the boardrooms. However, explaining these regulations and their impact on businesses can be challenging due to the overwhelming number of resources from the SEC, the Big 4, and others. To simplify this, we have created a presentation summarizing the SEC rule in three slides, which you can use to present to your CEO, board members, and peers.

To create this presentation, we collaborated with numerous CISOs over the last 18 months since the rule was first introduced by the SEC. We observed how they communicated the information to the C-suite and senior leadership teams and captured the key points in this presentation.

In this presentation, you will get:

  • Three board-level slides to summarize the SEC cybersecurity rule
  • Additional slides to provide industry context and your potential journey
  • Resources to help you learn more.