Bridging the Board-CISO Gap

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There is a significant gap between the technical expertise of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and the board’s understanding of cyber risks. This often results in a misalignment of priorities and limited budget allocation. With new SEC cybersecurity regulations requiring the board to oversee and be informed on cyber risk, it has become crucial to bridge this gap. The way forward requires a shift in conversation, where cybersecurity should not be viewed as a defense mechanism but instead as an opportunity for business growth, with CISOs playing a key role.

To effectively engage and persuade the board, CISOs employ an outcome-based approach that aligns cybersecurity with business outcomes such as fewer disruptions, improved governance, global compliance, and greater cyber resilience.

Join Val Mukherjee, Chairman and founder of the Cyber Future Foundation and formerly at EY, and Gaurav Banga, CEO and founder of Balbix, where they will provide CISOs with insights on effective board communication and cybersecurity governance.

Key areas of discussion:

  • How to run board discussions and reports
  • What are the key cyber risk metrics the board wants to know
  • How do we measure and track resilience
  • What’s the role of AI in cyber governance