DORA: Practical Insights on How to Achieve Cyber "Resilience"

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The Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA) is a regulation that applies to all financial organizations operating in the EU. It supersedes older local regulations, and enforcement of DORA begins on January 17, 2025.

To comply with DORA, financial organizations should develop an information communication technology (ICT) governance, risk, and compliance plan.

It requires organizations to address requirements across five pillars- ICT Risk Management, Incident Reporting, Digital Operational Resilience Testing, Third Party Risk, and Information Sharing. Organizations must demonstrate continuous compliance with DORA, spanning visibility into ICT systems, vulnerability management, and conducting dynamic risk assessments.

Join real-world practitioners Sid Wahi and Paul Kelly as they discuss best practices on how organizations can develop robust roadmaps and strategies to comply with DORA.

You will learn:

  • What’s DORA’s impact on the organization?
  • How do you get started?
  • What changes might your organization need to implement DORA?
  • How can AI and Automation help you fast-track DORA compliance?