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June 13, 2023

Combating the cybersecurity tools overload

Anyone who knows me knows my passion for hiking, so let me start with a question close to my heart – Have you explored a new trail while hiking?

Imagine this: You are deep into your hike, surrounded by beautiful scenery, and come across a hidden trail that not many have explored. You forge the path and reach a breathtaking view. Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

You might wonder what this has to do with Balbix. Let me tell you.

In an age where CISOs are grappling with problems of risk quantification, and cybersecurity tools have overwhelmed security teams with the task of follow-up investigations, remediation, and incident response, Balbix has forged a new path to better view an organization’s risk landscape. A view to your risk posture that you’ve most likely never seen before. Typically, the influx of data from various tools can obstruct your ability to see your risk landscape with clarity.

Cybersecurity tool overload – What to keep and what to let go

A good security strategy will inevitably have a diverse set of tools that keep sensitive data safe and facilitate smooth operations. Every new tool adds to an ever-growing repertoire of tools overwhelming the security teams. More importantly, the data is siloed.

To effectively address security threats, it’s crucial to streamline existing security processes rather than solely relying on new tools. Organizations often have multiple tools, some of which may duplicate functions. By consolidating data from these tools, security teams get a clearer view of their posture. This approach is especially beneficial in 2023 when organizations aim to achieve more with limited resources.

This issue is commonly encountered by customers and discussed among industry colleagues. It prompted me to search for a solution, which led me to Balbix.

So, why did I join Balbix?

Much like exploring the wilderness, creating a differentiated solution in cybersecurity requires a visionary approach and the drive to create groundbreaking solutions.

Balbix envisioned a world where cyber-defenders are able to use the power of AI, automation, and gamification to stay one step ahead of attackers. Balbix’s Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) solution empowers security teams to monitor &  unify asset inventory. Balbix’s Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) solution helps security teams prioritize vulnerability remediation based on business risk. Balbix Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) solution helps customers quantify their cyber risk in a traceable and actionable way. These features empower security leaders to configure their cybersecurity tools stack in a well-structured, efficient, and innovative security architecture.

In the last few months alone, Balbix has pioneered a few industry-first solutions like Balbix’s AppSec solution and enterprise-wide SBOM without access to source code. I believe that Balbix is at an inflection point to address the problem many CISOs and CIOs face today of risk quantification and cyber security tools overload, through its integrated platform for CAASM, RBVM, and CRQ. As someone who has previously pioneered the creation of the CASB category at Elastica, and possesses a deep passion for identifying, building, accelerating, and scaling businesses, I am thrilled to be a part of a revolutionary solution.

I am delighted to join Balbix to provide a new outlook on their security posture. Offering a holistic understanding of their cybersecurity efforts, and delivering tangible value from the overwhelming burden of keeping up with the latest tool in the market is truly thrilling. I eagerly look forward to contributing to the ongoing growth and success that Balbix has already established.

In conclusion,

With Balbix, security teams can accurately inventory their cloud and on-premise assets, conduct risk-based vulnerability management, and quantify their cyber risk in monetary terms. All these solutions help your organization make business-centric risk decisions that are sure to help you with the goal of “doing more with less” in 2023.

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