Risk-Based Vulnerability ManagementManage ALL your vulnerabilities based on business risk

With the existence of 200+ of attack vectors such as phishing, credential exposure, weak/shared passwords, and malicious behavior, monitoring for just unpatched software vulnerabilities is not enough. Balbix BreachControlTM enables organizations to deploy a risk-based vulnerability management program by continuously discovering and monitoring all asset types and attack vectors, analyzing this information to predict likely breach scenarios, and helping you take appropriate mitigation steps to address the issues.

BreachControl provides:

  • Continuous, real-time analysis of all devices, apps, and users across 200+ attack vectors — not just unpatched software
  • Discovery and identification of vulnerabilities for unmanaged and BYOD assets
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities based on role and business impact of the asset, along with prescriptive fixes
  • Visibility into mean-time-to-patch, enabling you to set up an effective patching strategy

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Coverage

Assess vulnerabilities across 200+ attack vectors like phishing, ransomware, device/network misconfigurations, and malicious insiders — not just unpatched software.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Truly continuous, real-time monitoring and analysis of all attack surfaces for potential breaches.

Enhanced Productivity

List of suggested patches prioritized by business risk + prescriptive fixes make it easy for security teams to take action.

Rich Visualization and Reporting

Interactive, real-time risk dashboard with drill-down views of the overall enterprise environment, down to individual assets.

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