Top 10 Cybersecurity Memes for All Occasions

May 21, 2021 | 4 min read | Security Posture

Cybersecurity marketing has plenty of doom and gloom scenarios. Fear tactics and sensationalized headlines try to grab your attention to make you sit up and take notice. While a healthy dose of fear is not bad, it can have the effect of desensitizing us to these doomsday headlines. Plus, if you’re in the business of cybersecurity, excessive fear mongering is just plain irritating, right?

At Balbix, we made a conscious decision to approach security with empathy and humor. If you follow us on LinkedIn, you already know this. Our decision was based on these factors:

  • Having been cybersecurity veterans ourselves, we know our audience, i.e., we know how you feel
  • You, the infosec people, are a vibrant, quirky, EXTREMELY smart, and outspoken group of people who love humor (and detest fluff, jargon, and people whose go to password is Password123)
  • We (the Balbix-ers) are good people (and apparently, immodest ?) who just intuitively write heartfelt stuff. (Yes, even when we create memes!)

Enter cybersecurity memes

First up, what exactly is a meme and why does it work? We are 100% qualified to answer this question because we’ve done a BUNCH of completely unscientific research on it.

For the uninitiated, a meme is an image or photo which is well-known in pop-culture, with a caption that is often completely unrelated to the visual. It’s a bit of cultural shorthand, and typically, not everyone will get the joke, often making it even funnier to those in the know who do understand the context. Like this one here:


BTW, we know that there are a LOT of Bruce Willis / John McClane / Die Hard fans in the CISO community because we actually received requests for poster version of this meme. If you would like one, let us know!

Why cybersecurity memes work

Memes work because they succinctly convey that we “get” your frustrations, your everyday struggles, and your daily peeves.


Our memes meet you where you are and provide comic relief on common pain points.



Memes are also about more than just being funny – some of our memes have touched raw nerves and inspired heated discussions.


And of course, some of them have made you laugh out loud.



We hereby pledge to meme-on

All the above reasons aside, our goal is to create memes that resonate with you by commiserating on deeply felt emotions. The best memes are born out of experience and from really listening to you, our infosec community.




Would you like us to create a meme? Have an idea (even if half baked)? Get in touch and we will try our best to create a meme for you!

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