9 Hilariously Bad Security Fails

April 16, 2020 | 3 min read | Trending Topics

Whether you’re trying to secure physical property, your personal information, or an enterprise, there is one basic requirement: common sense. Unfortunately, this is something that we humans struggle with from time-to-time. The effects can be disastrous or if you’re lucky, just laughable. Here are 9 hilariously bad security fails.

1. This security goat

Although this goat doesn’t have the ferociousness of a guard dog, it goes without saying that he’s being “a good boy.”

Goat Guard Dog

2. This motorcycle lock

This biker made a smart investment buying a bulky lock. Unfortunately, his need for security is nowhere near as high as his need for speed.

Motorcycle Lock

3. This very secure server

It is hard to decide which is worse: the password’s strength or its placement in plain view.

impenetrable system

4. This congressman’s highly complex passcode

If you weren’t aware that our political leaders are some of the least technologically aware people in the country, here is example A.

5. This yummy lock

Finally a example of good security.

Cheetoh in Lock

6. Kanye West’s latest national TV appearance

Kanye West is known for his crazy ideas, questionable sanity, and brilliant musical abilities. But with all his fanatical conspiracy theories, you’d think he’d be more careful about his personal security.

7. This British government Zoom meeting

In theory, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sharing a screenshot of his first ever digital cabinet meeting to Twitter was a fun idea. What he failed to realize is that the meeting ID was present in the top left corner of the screenshot. Furthermore, all participant names were present giving hackers a resource for phishing.

8. This very secret hide-a-key

key under doormat

8. This password change sign-up sheet

One of the easiest ways to identify high-risk employees.

social engineering test

9. This hard-to-crack keypad

If the sign above the keypad didn’t make it obvious enough, just look which numbers have been rubbed off.