5 Signs It's Time to Hire Balbix for Vulnerability Management

Rich campagna
June 5, 2020 | 4 min read | Vulnerability Management

In my last post, I provided 5 reasons why your vulnerability management solution might need to be fired. If you need to improve your enterprise security posture, the outdated approach of traditional vulnerability management tools likely isn’t fitting the bill. Balbix was engineered to overcome the shortcomings of vulnerability management. Here are 5 reasons why you should look at Balbix instead of traditional vulnerability management tools.

  1. Balbix analyzes your entire attack surface. While traditional vulnerability management tools focus primarily on unpatched software and misconfiguration, your attack surface is much broader than that. Balbix identifies all 9 major types of vulnerabilities, ensuring that you have a holistic view of where your security posture is weak.
  2. Balbix prioritizes vulnerabilities exploited in the wild. Since only a small minority of the CVEs reported each year will ever be exploited, you want to focus on those, as they represent a real threat. Unlike traditional vulnerability tools, which primarily prioritize based on severity (CVSS Score), Balbix takes into account real world exploits, ensuring that your team is spending time on real threats, not theoretical ones.
  3. Balbix prioritizes by business criticality. Your most important and sensitive assets require more effort and focus than less critical assets. Unlike traditional vulnerability scanners, Balbix automatically determines business criticality of every asset in your network, ensuring that your infosec team’s efforts are focused on high impact risk reduction first..
  4. It accounts for compensating controls. You’ve likely invested in many security tools, and hopefully those tools are doing their job. If so, you need to account for that. If there is a vulnerability rendered impossible to exploit due to a security tool somewhere in your network, that needs to be reflected in your vulnerability management solution. Balbix reflects this reality.
  5. Balbix provides continuous, real-time visibility. Because your attack surface is changing by the minute, your ability to strengthen your security posture relies on continuous visibility. Unlike vulnerability management solutions that rely on periodic assessments, Balbix is continuous and real-time, ensuring that your visibility is up-to-date at all times.

Ultimately, improving your security posture requires a vulnerability management program that meets the needs above. Chances are, your current solution isn’t meeting that need. It might be time to take Balbix for a spin.