ElevenPaths and Balbix Partner to Bring AI-Powered Cybersecurity Posture Transformation to Enterprise Customers

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Partnership provides enterprises in Europe and Latin America with real-time attack surface visibility and risk-based prioritization of mitigations

ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit, today announced a strategic go-to-market partnership with Balbix. As a part of the ElevenPaths offerings portfolio, the Balbix AI-powered platform will provide Telefónica customers with innovative capabilities to assess and proactively reduce breach risk based on automatic asset and vulnerability discovery, continuous risk assessment and prioritized mitigation actions.

The right partner is essential to ensure that customers achieve the desired risk reduction outcomes from the Balbix platform, with expertise spanning consulting, architecture, deployment and subsequent support and maintenance, and the know-how to help customers then transform their security posture over time. With more than 6,900 managed-service clients and over 2,800 cybersecurity experts, Telefónica brings the necessary methodology and capabilities to provide best-in-class services to those clients that choose Balbix.

The Balbix platform leverages AI and deep learning algorithms to get visibility across the entire enterprise attack surface in real-time, automatically discovering all IT assets and continuously monitoring them across 100+ attack vectors, including password issues, phishing, misconfigurations, unpatched software, and weak encryption. Through its greatly increased visibility across the enterprise attack surface, highly multidimensional risk analysis, and resulting prioritized list of remediation actions, Balbix enables enterprise security teams to proactively transform their cybersecurity posture and tangibly reduce their cyber-risk.

“The attack surface of a typical enterprise is massive and only getting larger over time, leaving corporate networks vulnerable to breach by cyber adversaries through a seemingly limitless combination of methods. As a result, analyzing and improving enterprise cybersecurity posture is no longer a human-scale problem,” said Chris Griffith, VP of Business Development and Alliances for Balbix. “Balbix enables cybersecurity leaders and their teams to respond to this challenge with the power of AI. We are very pleased to be working with ElevenPaths to extend our geographic reach and together enable a dramatic reduction in breach risk for customers in Europe and Latin America.”

“At ElevenPaths, our core belief is that proactive cybersecurity is essential to enabling the digital transformation,” said Rames Sarwat Shaker, Director of Alliances for ElevenPaths and member of Telefónica Chief Data Office team. “We are excited to partner with Balbix to provide our customers and managed services teams with the real-time visibility they need to make the right decisions around cyber-risk. The end goal is significantly enhanced cyber-resilience necessary for trusted business growth and agility in the modern marketplace.”

About ElevenPaths

At ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cyber Security Unit, we believe in the idea of challenging the current state of security, an attribute that must always be present in technology. We’re always redefining the relationship between security and people, with the aim of creating innovative security products which can transform the concept of security, thus keeping us one step ahead of attackers, who are increasingly present in our digital life.

About Balbix

Balbix is the world’s first cybersecurity platform to leverage specialized AI to provide real-time visibility into an organization’s breach risk. The Balbix system predicts where and how breaches are likely to happen, prescribes prioritized mitigating actions, and enables workflows to address the underlying security issues. By using Balbix, CISOs and CIOs can transform their organization’s cybersecurity posture, reducing cyber risk by 95% or more, while making security teams 10 times more efficient. Balbix counts many Global 1000 companies among its rapidly growing customer base and was named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in 2018. For more information, visit our website www.balbix.com and blog https://www.balbix.com/blog/, follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/balbixinc/ and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/balbix/.

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