Why Choose Balbix?

Most data breaches happen because of known security issues which are missed and not fixed. Security teams try to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities but can’t keep up!

  • Do you have an accurate inventory of assets you need to protect?
  • Where are the riskiest areas of your attack surface?
  • Can you quantify the progress you are making?

Balbix enables you to address these challenges and automate your cybersecurity posture to reduce breach risk.

Continuous Discovery and Analysis

To accurately quantify breach risk, Balbix continuously analyzes up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from your network.

Risk Insights and Prioritization

Balbix prioritizes vulnerabilities and surfaces risk insights with drill-down views for specific details.

Cybersecurity Posture Automation

Balbix dispatches prioritized tickets with relevant context to risk owners for automatic and supervised mitigation. Leaderboards and incentives can be set up for a gamified approach to cyber risk reduction.

How Balbix Works

balbix graph
  • Sensors, connectors, and collectors deployed across your network continuously discover and monitor your devices, apps, and users across 100+ attack vectors.
  • The Balbix Brain uses specialized AI to predict likely breach scenarios, prioritize vulnerabilities using both security and business context, and prescribe necessary mitigation actions.
  • Integrations with ticketing and orchestration systems enable you to automate your cybersecurity posture.
  • Risk Dashboards and Reports enable you to gamify cyber risk reduction and demonstrate the value of your security program to senior leadership and the board.
Risk Dashboard in Balbix

Risk Dashboard

Vulnerability Management Dashboard in Balbix

Vulnerability Management

Risk and Asset Inventory Details

Risk and Asset Inventory Details

Board Level Reporting in Balbix

Board-level Reporting

Balbix’s Unique

Discover & Analyze

Understand & Prioritize

Take Action

Converged Platform automatic inventory threat feeds security control inside out 100+ Attack Real time & continuous Search Prioritization Customizable Risk Heatmaps Perspective Plan Gamification Notification Integrations
Converged Platform

Balbix is a converged platform to harness the power of AI and gamification for cybersecurity posture transformation.

  • Real-time view of your cybersecurity posture with insights on how to reduce breach risk.

  • Balbix replaces many point products that cover different parts of your attack surface with a single system. You minimize multi-vendor complexity and reduce tool fatigue.

You can explore each Balbix feature in detail to see how it may help you improve the effectiveness of your cybersecurity program and drive rapid cybersecurity posture transformation.

1 Hour Deployment
1-Hour Deployment

The deployment of Balbix into your environment is quick and easy.

  • Balbix sensors and appliances are placed to span a suitable subset of north-south and east-west network traffic in your environment.

  • As an optional step, you can deploy lightweight Balbix host sensors or connect Balbix to your enterprise data sources, such as Active Directory, AWS configuration, logs, etc.

  • Within 24 hours, the Balbix dashboard surfaces a 100x more accurate view of cyber-risk than any other method, including asset inventory, historical patching posture, password-related issues, missing encryption, easily phish-able users, and much more.

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Real Time & Continuous

The Balbix platform offers real-time and continuous monitoring and analysis of the entire enterprise attack surface.

  • Automatic discovery and inventory of assets in real-time.

  • Continuous monitoring of all assets for risk across 100+ attack vectors.

  • You do not need to schedule any vulnerability scans, or perform validation scans.

  • Balbix automatically incorporates information about vulnerabilities, threats, degree of exposure and your mitigations to highlight security posture issues that need to be fixed.

Inside Out
Inside-Out & Outside-In

Unlike other products, Balbix continuously observes the extended enterprise network both inside-out and outside-in to discover your attack surface. Real-time data from multiple internal and external sources is ingested and then analyzed to produce a complete picture of cyber-risk. Data sources include:

  • Balbix host, traffic and network sensors.

  • Enterprise log sources (e.g DHCP, CMDB, AD, and enterprise data lakes).

  • Cloud connectors and collectors for provider APIs and logs.

  • Third party threat feeds.

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Automatic Inventory

Balbix automatically discovers, analyzes and categorizes your inventory. This includes all devices, apps and services managed and unmanaged, infrastructure, on-prem and cloud, fixed and mobile, IoTs, ICS, etc. The inventory is available via real-time dashboards and search.

Balbix’s inventory capabilities include:

  • Categorization of assets into core or perimeter assets.

  • The relationship between assets and users (including administrators).

  • Details for each asset, e.g. software and hardware version, open ports, and usage.

  • Estimated breach impact for each asset.

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100+ Attack Vectors

Balbix performs continuous monitoring and identification of vulnerabilities and other risk items for each asset across 100+ attack vectors, for example:

  • Unpatched software (CVEs).

  • Phishing.

  • Web and ransomware.

  • Default, weak or reused passwords.

  • Encryption issues – missing encryption or improper encryption.

  • Misconfiguration.

  • Certificate issues.

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Discovery and Validation of Security Controls

Balbix considers the risk-negating effect of compensating controls already deployed in your enterprise while prioritizing vulnerabilities. Capabilities in this area include:

  • Automatic discovery of your existing mitigating controls like firewalls, anti-phishing systems, EDR, etc.

  • Information to help you understand the effect of specific security controls in reducing enterprise risk.

  • The ability to model potential improvements in risk mitigation and calculate proforma ROI of deploying new security controls.

Tab Grid
Integrated Threat Feeds

Balbix incorporates threat intelligence from our partners and public sources. This includes information from the dark web, security research forums, government advisories, exploitDB, pastebin, etc.

  • Integrated threat data enables Balbix to prioritize your vulnerabilities based on what is currently fashionable with the adversary vs theoretical CVEs.

  • You get to know which of your assets are susceptible to infamous threats like wannacry, sambacry, poodle, broadpwn, etc., and can take mitigating actions quickly.


Balbix’s risk-based prioritization of security posture issues factors in 4 things:

  • Vulnerability severity.

  • Threat level– are attackers exploiting this vulnerability in the wild.

  • Exposure, based on usage or configuration.

  • The business impact if this asset is compromised.

With this framework, you can filter out issues that need immediate attention, vs those which can wait a few days, and those which are just noise.

Risk Heatmaps
Risk Heatmaps

Balbix’s real-time risk heatmaps show you how risk is distributed in the enterprise.

  • Hover over the bubbles to get an idea of the risk distribution.

  • You can drill into a bubble to see why it is red, or of a certain size.

  • Gain and understanding of how the biggest risk areas can be mitigated.

  • Compare how different stakeholders are managing cyber-risk.

As you fix vulnerabilities and other security posture issues, you will see this bubbles break up into smaller ones, or change color. What bubbles would you like to pop today?

Google-Like Search

With Balbix, you can get answers to questions about your inventory, security posture or breach risk using natural language search.

  • Query your inventory using IT vocabulary, e.g., “windows servers in london”, “security cameras”.

  • Queries can combine security and IT terms: “unpatched switches in nyc”, “password reuse”, “phishing”.

  • Search by CVE number, e.g., “CVE-2017-0144”, or its common name “wannacry”.

  • Also use higher level queries like “where will attacks start”, “what will they go after”, “assets with intellectual property”, and “risk to customer data”.

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Prescriptive Action Plan

Balbix provides actionable insights with specific steps that you can take to improve cyber-resilience and overall cybersecurity posture.

  • All suggested risk remediation actions are prioritized based on risk.

  • Balbix provides context and tools to help you select the order in which you schedule mitigating tasks to get maximal reduction of risk.

  • When appropriate, the system provides some options for each risk insight to help you quickly implement a practical fix.

  • The prescribed mitigating actions can be ticketed to remediation owners automatically or manually.


Balbix lets you to define risk areas appropriate for your business using natural language search, and then maps the automatic calculation and tracking of these metrics to your actual on-network cybersecurity posture.

  • You can type “risk to intellectual property” in the Balbix search box, and define this as a risk item for Balbix to track and report on.

  • Balbix automatically maps the risk item “intellectual property” to the actual on-network assets and their attributes and that drive this risk.

  • The system continuously observes, analyzes and reports on the relevant parts of your cybersecurity posture.

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Balbix integrates into your enterprise tools, such as ticketing and security orchestration systems.

  • You can set up business risk areas that you care about and Balbix can then automatically map vulnerabilities in these areas to the appropriate owners.

  • Based on desired SLAs for different priority levels, tickets can be automatically created, assigned to the relevant owners, and tracked.

  • As your team takes mitigating actions, Balbix automatically discovers and validates each fix.

  • APIs are available for 3rd party tools to query Balbix for context about assets and risk.

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Notifications, Digests, and Reports

Balbix provides timely notifications to breach risk owners and stakeholders on important data triggers.

  • You can set up compliance watchdogs using natural language search and the powerful IFTTT framework operating.

  • The continuous monitoring system will automatically trigger the necessary alerts, reports and create tickets against the relevant asset owners and administrators.

  • Daily and weekly digests provide stakeholders with timely data about cybersecurity posture conditions.

  • You can generate business or operational level cyber-risk reports for discussion with your board of directors and senior management.

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Gamification of Cybersecurity Posture Improvement

To improve cybersecurity posture, CISOs and security teams need other stakeholders to act and fix risk items for the systems they own in a timely fashion. This is normally hard, but Balbix makes it easier using the power of gamification.

  • As gamemaster, the CISO can set up risk focus areas, owners, incentives, target levels and desired SLAs.

  • Each risk owner gets tasks via tickets assigned to them and notifications.

  • Balbix ensures that risk owners get all the context, tools and options they need in order to finish the assigned tasks.

  • Leaderboards and rewards help to get the competitive juices flowing, and rapid cybersecurity posture transformation.

How Customers Use Balbix

Automatic Asset Inventory

Automatic Asset Inventory

Automatic Asset Inventory
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Cyber Risk Visibility and Board-Level Reporting

Cyber Risk Visibility and Board-Level Reporting


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