Why Choose Balbix?

Most data breaches happen because of known security issues which are missed and not fixed. Security teams try to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities but can’t keep up!

  • Do you have an accurate inventory of assets you need to protect?
  • Where are the riskiest areas of your attack surface?
  • Can you quantify the progress you are making?

Balbix enables you to address these challenges and automate your cybersecurity posture to reduce breach risk.

Continuous Discovery and Analysis

To accurately quantify breach risk, Balbix continuously analyzes up to several hundred billion time-varying signals from your network.

Risk Insights and Prioritization

Balbix prioritizes vulnerabilities and surfaces risk insights with drill-down views for specific details.

Cybersecurity Posture Automation

Balbix dispatches prioritized tickets with relevant context to risk owners for automatic and supervised mitigation. Leaderboards and incentives can be set up for a gamified approach to cyber risk reduction.

How Balbix Works

  • Connectors to your cybersecurity, IT and business tools, and optional sensors deployed across your network continuously discover and monitor your devices, apps, and users across 100+ attack vectors.
  • The Balbix Brain uses specialized AI to unify your cybersecurity data, predict likely breach scenarios, prioritize vulnerabilities and prescribe necessary risk mitigation actions.
  • Integrations with ticketing and orchestration systems enable you to automate your cybersecurity posture.
  • Risk Dashboards and Reports enable you to gamify cyber risk reduction and demonstrate the value of your security program to senior leadership and the board.
Risk Dashboard in Balbix

Risk Dashboard

Vulnerability Management Dashboard in Balbix

Vulnerability Management

Risk and Asset Inventory Details

Risk and Asset Inventory Details

Board Level Reporting in Balbix

Board-level Reporting

Balbix’s Unique Capabilities

Discover & Analyze

Understand & Prioritize

Take Action



Converged Platform

Balbix is a converged platform for AI-powered cybersecurity posture automation

1-Hour Deployment

Deployment takes less than an hour, and time to value is immediate

Real-time & Continuous

The system continually analyses your attack surface, unlike other point-in-time methods

Automatic Asset Inventory

Balbix automatically discovers, analyzes and categorizes your asset inventory


Data from multiple data sources is analyzed to produce a complete picture of cyber-risk

100+ Attack Vectors

Vulnerabilities across 100+ attack vectors are identified and prioritized

Controls Discovery

Your deployed security controls are considered when calculating risk and prioritizing issues

Integrated Threat Feeds

Threat intelligence from public and proprietary sources is incorporated

Asset Criticality Analysis

Balbix considers the criticality of your workloads and assets in risk calculations

Risk in Monetary Units

Risk is quantified in monetary units (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen etc.). No opaque scores.


Vulnerabilities are prioritized based on Severity, threats, exposure, security controls and asset criticality


Natural language and filtered search enable you to easily search for assets that match any condition

Prescriptive Plan

Balbix provides actionable steps that you can take to improve cybersecurity posture and reduce risk


You can customize the platform to align with your business goals and the specific roles of your stakeholders


Balbix integrates into your enterprise tools, such as ticketing and security orchestration


Timely notifications are delivered to risk owners and stakeholders on various degrees


Risk owners get the context, tools, options and incentives to do their risk mitigation tasks in a timely manner

How Customers Use Balbix

Automated Asset Discovery

Automated Asset Discovery

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Cyber Risk Quantification

Cyber Risk Quantification

Unified Cybersecurity Asset Management

Unified Cybersecurity Asset Management

Enterprise Vulnerability Prioritization

Enterprise Vulnerability Prioritization

Cyber-Risk Visibility and Board-level Reporting

Cyber-Risk Visibility and Board-level Reporting

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