The Most Read Cybersecurity Blogs of 2020

December 16, 2020 | 8 min read | Trending Topics

The year when we baked a lot of bread.
We wore sweats to work.
We erased the line between work and personal lives.
We hung out on zoom and not just for work meetings, but for happy hours with our work and non-work friends.

And some of us also wrote a lot of blogs… (126 to be precise) on various cybersecurity and IT topics. Our blogs were read by nearly 40,000 people, who spent an average of 12 minutes reading each blog. Among our readers were hundreds of CISOs and CIOs of the Fortune 1000 companies.

We discussed topics such as cybersecurity visibility, risk-based vulnerability management, cyber-resilience, asset inventory, reporting to the board of directors, Patch Tuesdays, cyber risk calculation, and gamification of cybersecurity posture improvement.

Some of our blogs were useful (like the 9 Slides You Must Use in Your Board Presentation), and ended up in boardroom presentations.

Some challenged the status quo (4 Reasons Why Your Asset Inventory is Inaccurate) and inspired positive change at a few organizations.

Some were controversial (Stop Blaming the CISO for a Breach).

Some were funny (Adventures of CISO Ed & Co. – Pandemic Edition).

Some were, well, unexpectedly popular (Top 14 Cybersecurity Zoom Backgrounds). But they were all great (excuse the shameless brag, please!)

Here is a recap of our 6 most popular blogs of 2020.

Final Thoughts

When we reflect on the list of blogs above, we couldn’t help but wonder why these particular ones were the most popular out of the so many we wrote. Perhaps, it is because of the common theme running through this set:

Security leaders are frustrated with their inability to accurately measure and understand their attack surface. As a result, their cybersecurity decisions are based on gut feeling and incomplete data. They worry about unseen risks and vulnerabilities and struggle with how they can get better visibility. CISOs want tools that can help their teams perform their jobs efficiently and effectively. They want to be data-driven and better ownership of cyber-risk across their organizations.

Here’s to better cybersecurity posture visibility and for more insight-driven automation in the cybersecurity teams’ daily tasks in 2021!