Balbix Partners with ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit

October 10, 2019 | 4 min read | Trending Topics

Earlier today ElevenPaths, Telefónica Cybersecurity Unit, announced a strategic go-to-market partnership with Balbix to bring AI-powered cybersecurity posture transformation to its enterprise customers across Europe and Latin America. Here at Balbix, we are incredibly excited about the relationship with ElevenPaths/Telefónica and the opportunity to help many more customers gain 100x cybersecurity visibility into their environments and dramatically reduce risk of breach.

Let’s start with the customer perspective: the fundamental challenge with cybersecurity today is rooted in the massive size of the attack surface of a typical enterprise, spanning legacy environments, hybrid and public clouds, endpoints, mobile devices, IoT/OT, cloud apps, etc. This opens the door to practically unlimited permutations and combinations of ways by which attackers can breach the enterprise and attack high-value apps and data. What results is constant anxiety for security teams and bloat in the number of deployed point tools in an attempt to compensate.

The ability to proactively and comprehensively map the environment and remediate/harden those areas of greatest risk before breaches happen is absolutely essential to gain back control. However, due to the huge attack surface, this task is not a human-scale problem anymore. Balbix brings the power of AI and machine learning to gain real-time visibility across the attack surface, continuously identify those areas presenting the greatest breach risk, and provide prioritized prescriptions for how to fix them. This is the process of cybersecurity posture transformation.

As in any transformation, the right partner is key to ensure the desired customer outcome – reduced breach risk.  A partner’s deep understanding of the customer’s business and networks, apps and data, expertise around existing security infrastructure, combined with expert knowledge of AI-powered tools and operational workflow enables the greatest level of risk visibility via the Balbix platform and improvement in cybersecurity posture.

ElevenPaths is such a partner. Bringing an innovative and deep security portfolio and serving nearly 7,000 managed-services clients with a team of more than 2,800 cybersecurity professionals, ElevenPaths/Telefónica has the expertise and customer relationships to facilitate the transformation journey with rapid and measurable reductions in breach risk for customers. Just as importantly, Telefónica’s extensive reach with operations across 16 countries in Europe and Latin America substantially extends the Balbix go-to-market footprint and will be a major accelerator to our global expansion strategy.

We welcome ElevenPaths to the growing Balbix partner family and look forward to making a transformative impact on our joint customers.