Do you struggle with your out-of-date asset inventory?

Maintaining an up-to-date enterprise inventory system is very challenging. The set of assets in the enterprise changes constantly with devices being added and retired, physical machines migrating to virtual and various stakeholders constantly installing and updating software (with or without approval). Inaccurate inventory makes managing compliance and cyber-risk very difficult.

Automatic asset discovery

Balbix enables enterprises to maintain an automatic, accurate, and up-to-date inventory of the organization’s assets. This includes all devices, apps, and services; managed and unmanaged infrastructure; on-prem and cloud; fixed and mobile; IoT, ICS, etc., and how they are used by your users.

Real time inventory

This inventory is available via real-time dashboards and search. Asset are also analyzed across 100+ attack vectors to identify ones that are most likely to be compromised. You can also set up automatic and continuous compliance watchdogs.

Comprehensive and automatic asset inventory

Real-time and continuous

An outdated inventory is very frustrating and impedes the velocity of business. Unfortunately, applying manual effort to keep inventory updated is very time and resource intensive and does not work at scale. Enterprise security teams don’t often control all assets, which makes the task of understanding your assets and gathering insights about them even more difficult.

Balbix allows enterprises to track their assets in real-time through automatic discovery and continuous updates. This enables you to stay current, with an up-to-date inventory.

Coverage and categorization

Traditional inventory tools typically only track managed assets. Non-traditional assets like IoT are either left undiscovered or partially tracked by a motley collection of specialized tools, one for each asset category.

Balbix automatically discovers, analyzes, and categorizes all devices, apps and services including managed and unmanaged, infrastructure, on-prem and cloud, fixed and mobile, IoT, ICS, etc. After deploying Balbix, customers have generally found between 15% and 35% more assets than they thought they had.

With Balbix, assets are automatically categorized into core or perimeter assets, and into their specific asset type. The relationship between assets and users (including administrators) is discovered and tracked. In addition, Balbix also surfaces all relevant details for each asset, e.g., software and hardware version, open ports, usage, etc.

Business criticality

Not everything in the enterprise network is equally important. Traditional methods of inventory are not very good at tracking the business context and impact of enterprise assets.

Balbix predicts business criticality for each asset based on an analysis of usage and network traffic. The platform allows the user to see a partial rank-order of all assets in the network including infrastructure assets that the various business systems rely on. This information can then be further enhanced via input from risk owners.

Balbix also supports business criticality attributes via search including queries like: “critical assets in Mountain View” and “most important web servers”.

Google-like search

If you needed to quickly list all your enterprise assets susceptible to wannacry, how long would it take your team to do it?

With Balbix, you can get answers to questions about your inventory, security posture or breach risk using natural language search. For example, you can query your inventory using IT vocabulary, e.g., “windows servers in London”, or “security cameras”. Your queries can combine security and IT terms like “unpatched switches in NYC”. You can search by CVE number, e.g., “CVE-2017-0144”, or its common name “wannacry”. You can also use higher level queries like “critical”, “assets with intellectual property”, and “risk to customer data”.

Align with your business

The Balbix inventory and risk model can be customized based on your specific business needs. For example, if you care about intellectual property more than anything else, you can configure Balbix to automatically keep tabs of assets that create, store or consume intellectual property and continuously calculate “risk to intellectual property” as well as “overall risk”.

Balbix lets you to define risk areas appropriate for your business using natural language search, and then maps the automatic calculation and tracking of these metrics to your actual on-network asset state.

Track and manage your asset inventory in real time with AI and search

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