Do you struggle with inaccurate asset inventory?

The enterprise is constantly changing with devices and apps being added, reconfigured and retired. Endpoint software is updated continuously, with or without approval. Different parts of the organization use separate tools for managing assets. The lack of a unified up-to-date inventory makes compliance and cyber-risk management very difficult.

Not anymore, with Balbix...

Automatic asset discovery

Balbix continuously monitors the enterprise to discover, identify and categorize all assets. This includes devices, apps, and services; managed and unmanaged; on-prem and cloud; fixed and mobile; IoT, etc., and your users. Conflicting and duplicate data is cleaned and merged automatically.

Continuous inventory management

Assets and traffic flows are analyzed to determine asset criticality and cyber-risk. Balbix’s integration capabilities enable the alignment of inventory and business context. Customizable dashboards with search capabilities allow you to easily use your inventory information for compliance and cybersecurity use-cases.

Continuous, automatic, comprehensive

See every asset detail in a single unified view

Asset inventory softwares installed

Asset categorization

Automatically identify and categorize type and role for everything in your extended enterprise network.

Understand which assets are Internet facing, and how they are distributed across physical locations.

Risk by business units

Manage risk ownership

Define and manage your risk ownership org chart

Provide actionable dashboards and reports to each risk owner with their inventory and security issues

Compare and scorecard owners

Asset Criticality Analysis

Asset criticality analysis

Start with an automatically calculated view of asset criticality based on network traffic

Gamified workflows enable risk owners to provide input on the value of applications

Balbix automatically propagates to related assets and updates overall asset criticality

Get answers with real-time search

Realtime Inventory search example
Realtime Inventory search

Use natural language or filter queries to find whatever needle-in-haystack that you are looking for!


100x risk visibility

Understand the breach risk of your assets and groups across 100+ attack  vectors with a prioritized list of necessary mitigation steps

“Balbix provides best-in-class security risk assessment and inventory of equipment. The functionality of the system itself exceeds that of all others that we have reviewed.”

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