ISI and Balbix Partner to Transform Enterprise Security Posture

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ISI Joins Balbix Velocity Alliance Program as MSSP Partner

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired) – Balbix, Inc. and Information Systems Integration, LLC., (ISI) today announced that ISI has joined the Balbix Velocity Alliance Program as a managed security services provider (MSSP) partner. Balbix has built the security industry’s first AI powered predictive breach-risk platform. ISI provides security and risk management within the world’s most influential government affairs firms.

As a Balbix Velocity MSSP partner, ISI leverages Balbix’s AI powered platform to protect its clients and their sprawling attack surface, exposing impactful and meaningful information for various business stakeholders. With such insights, the right security products and configurations can be deployed and breaches prevented.

Balbix provides the ISI team with a continuous and comprehensive asset inventory and real-time risk heat map of their clients’ networks, and enables them to proactively assess breach risk for each client across hundreds of attack dimensions. Furthermore, Balbix’s advanced AI technology enables ISI to conduct simulations and scenario planning, accurately prioritize security tasks, projects, and events.

“Our partnership with Balbix enables us to provide our clients with, bar none, the world’s best managed security services needed to protect their networks and prevent breaches of sensitive data,” said Kenneth Holley, Founder and CEO, ISI. “As we have helped protect our clients from digital risk, we have seen an explosion in the number and variety of breach methods being employed by attackers. Balbix’s AI based system is like an all-seeing predictive radar — this unique technology allows us to proactively view and understand our clients’ complex attack surface at all times, and highlights the mitigations needed to reduce breach risk to acceptable levels.”

“ISI and Balbix are a very potent cybersecurity combination,” said Gaurav Banga, CEO and Founder, Balbix. “The ISI team is a trusted, foundational cyber and risk management partner for high profile organizations around the world. We are very excited that they will be bringing the power of Balbix’s predictive breach-risk platform to their clients.”

About ISI

Seizing opportunities for digital transformation and ongoing alignment. Meeting cybersecurity threats head-on. Delivering best of class solutions which adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape. Forging and shaping a culture of security. The business of government affairs is fluid, and no one understands that like Information Systems Integration (ISI). Client relationships spanning over two decades are uncommon. Rarer still, to be referred to as the most trusted advisors of those you serve. Such is the extensive level of trust that ISI has established with our clients over the past twenty-four years. To learn more, visit

About Balbix

The Balbix predictive breach-risk platform is the industry’s first system to leverage advanced AI to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and continuous predictive risk calculation, visualized via a searchable and clickable risk heat-map. Balbix’s platform is designed for CIOs, CISOs and IT security teams who wish to proactively understand their breach risk and cyber-resilience. The Balbix system can predict critical breach scenarios, help users prioritize security operations and projects, and improve cyber-resilience.

About the Balbix Velocity Alliance Partner Program

The Balbix Velocity Alliance Program integrates Balbix’s AI powered predictive risk security platform with solutions and services from top companies in five categories:

  • Managed security services
  • Threat intelligence
  • Network security, analytics and SIEM
  • Breach risk assessment
  • Incident response

This enables organizations to create an AI powered proactive and integrated risk management and cyber defense program. Enterprises that deploy Balbix with certified partners’ offerings gain a good understanding of their security posture, and how to improve it. Ultimately, proactive security thinking gets integrated into the security practice leading to an increase in the ROI of cyber-security investment dollars.


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