Balbix Named ‘Value Leader’ in EMA’s 2018 Radar Report on Network-Based Security Analytics

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Balbix Named ‘Value Leader’ in EMA’s 2018 Radar Report on Network-Based Security Analytics

Enterprise Management Associates Highlights the Differentiated Capabilities and ‘Quick Time to Value’ of the Balbix Breach Avoidance Platform

San Jose, CA, –Balbix Inc., provider of the security industry’s first system built for avoiding breaches, announced today that the company was named a Value Leader in the 2018 EMA Radar Report for Network-Based Security Analytics. Balbix BreachControlô was cited as offering both “outstanding value” and “quick time to value” as well as comprehensive data collection and analysis. The report evaluated security analytics vendors across a variety of categories, including Deployment and Administration, Cost Advantage, Architecture and Integration, Functionality, and Vendor Strength.

According to the report, Balbix was given the top rating of Value Leader due to the company’s “well differentiated risk-based approach to breach avoidance by predicting likely breach scenarios that are specific to each customer’s environment.” Balbix BreachControl predicts and proactively mitigates breaches by analyzing and contextualizing data gathered from all assets discovered on the network and cloud, as well as internal data and global threat feeds.

“Balbix is taking a new and innovative approach to security analytics by trying to get ahead of breaches and proactively mitigate them before they happen,” said David Monahan, Managing Research Director, Security and Risk Management, EMA. “Most organizations are still in the early stages of investing in and operating security using a pre-attack approach, but we feel that security analytics is helping to change this by getting security out of fire-fighting mode and providing greater insights before attacks can be fully leveraged.”

Balbix BreachControl received top ratings for deployment and administration, and functionality, including workflow management, user interface, reporting, and incorporating historical threat details. In addition, EMA noted the platform’s ability to gather and analyze data across “hundreds of risk dimensions” to create a color-coded heat map to display the areas of highest risk.

The following Balbix strengths were highlighted in the report:

  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Fast time to deploy and use
  • Strong, intuitive search capabilities
  • Great value through competitive pricing

“It is key for organizations to have a system in place that can provide instantaneous visibility into potential breach risk,” said Mark Weiner, CMO of Balbix. “EMA’s report reflects what we are hearing from our customers – that BreachControl is easy to use and can make a real impact on security operations. Predicting breaches before they happen is a key trend in cyber security and will continue to transform enterprise behavior from reactive to preventative.”

The EMA Radar Summary for Network-Based Security Analytics: Q3 2018 focuses on vendors that use network information, such as net flows, deep packet inspection, and forensic packet analysis, to gather telemetry. The report evaluates vendors across five major categories supported by over 120 KPIs. EMA evaluated and scored each vendor under the same documented criteria. Each participating vendor has a profile that outlines their solution, its strengths and weaknesses, and its performance ratings compared to the other vendors evaluated. It also documents key decision-making factors important to the buying process and ultimately depicts the vendors’ relationship to each other based on value versus functionality.

About Balbix

The Balbix breach avoidance platform, BreachControl™, is the industry’s first system to leverage specialized artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive and continuous predictive assessment of breach risk. Visualized via a searchable and clickable risk heat-map, it is designed for CISOs, CIOs and IT security teams. BreachControl can forecast critical breach scenarios and prioritize/recommend fixes by business risk, improving security operations, compliance and cyber-resilience. Learn more at