Balbix Makes Security Operations Center More Efficient and Effective

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Balbix Updates BreachControl™ to Make Security Operations More Efficient and Effective

BreachControl Incorporates Data from SIEMs and External Threat Feeds, Integrates with SOC Automation Platforms and Workflows for SecOps Efficiency; Updated Search Capabilities

San Jose, CA, — Balbix, provider of the security industry’s first system built for avoiding breaches, today announced a major update of its BreachControlô platform. Balbix’s security posture transformation solution now integrates and prioritizes indicator of compromise (IOC) data from security incident and event management (SIEM) tools and next-gen firewalls, as well as contextualizes global threat feeds and industry-specific threat models. Powerful new APIs have also been made available for driving security orchestration and automation tools.

With these new capabilities, enterprise security teams and managed security service providers (MSSPs) can achieve greater impact by automatic prioritization of alarms and incidents by business risk, and gaining contextualized recommended actions to minimize potential impact of security events. Advances were also made to BreachControl’s search capabilities to enable natural language searches that provide relevant insights and reports about breach risk and cyber resilience for all business stakeholders.

A common pain point for many mid-to-large-sized organizations is the unmanageable volume of alerts produced by their SIEM, which often exceed the capacity of their security teams. Managing and acting upon daily security events while factoring in relevant business criticality insights requires a level of resourcing impossible for most businesses. Balbix BreachControl automatically ingests IOC data from SIEM tools, such as Splunk and LogRhythm, and applies deep context. This reduces and optimizes the required mitigation actions for the IOC stream from security operations center (SOC) personnel or automated security tools by simultaneously applying business impact context, an analysis of external threats as well as up-to-date local knowledge of unresolved vulnerabilities and compensating controls. BreachControl also provides a clear, prioritized list of tactical and strategic actions to minimize risk and improve resilience – a capability unique to Balbix.

“Previously, we have been using Balbix with great success for its real-time breach risk heatmap to inform our various security initiatives,” said Sebastian Goodwin, CISO and senior director of cybersecurity at Nutanix. “Balbix’s new capabilities complete the loop by enabling us to conduct our security operations with comprehensive enterprise and external threat context, and progress towards a highly cyber-resilient enterprise.”

Balbix uses deep learning and other advanced AI algorithms to discover and maintain a near real-time, comprehensive inventory of a customer’s IT assets and users, on-premises and in the cloud. Incoming IOC and external threat data is contextually analyzed, incorporating insights from the continuous analysis of vulnerabilities and business impact for the various components of the extended enterprise network. The result is a complete list of prioritized actions, based on business criticality, that security operations center (SOC) analysts and security staff can take to proactively control incidents, avoid breaches and improve resilience. Balbix gathers this expanded set of internal and external data multiple times a day automatically – a stark contrast to traditional vulnerability management tools whose scans are generally run monthly, or less, and require security experts to interpret and direct the results.

“Enterprises continue to be challenged with an increasing volume of daily security data, and a corresponding rise in the volume of potential breaches,” said Gaurav Banga, CEO and founder of Balbix.

“With our latest release, BreachControl has added the capability to ingest many additional relevant sources of security data to help us better understand the risk posture of our customers, while also providing new integrations with other security tools. As a result, customers can be prepared to better avoid breaches without having to allocate more time or budget.”

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