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Opportunities for Grads

Opportunities for Grads

Explore Internships and Externships

Explore Internships and Externships

Our Why

Our Why

Opportunities for Recent and Future Grads

Talented engineers are the lifeblood of Balbix, and we’re looking for passionate, growth-oriented people to lead us into the future. Whether you’re about to graduate, you’ve just graduated, or you’re early in your career, we have full-time opportunities for you to make a difference at the intersection of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Balbix is the perfect place to transform your career, solve complex challenges with innovative solutions, all while keeping the world’s information safe.

Ramith Padaki
Software Engineer

Hear about our Intern Program

"Working at Balbix has truly allowed me to explore my curiosity. Not only is there flexibility in learning new projects and proposing ideas but we as interns also gain so much insight into the company architecture and culture. I have really appreciated the welcoming and helpful nature of the Balbix team."
Jiaqi L
Engineering Intern, CMU, Class of 2022
"I've had a really great time working at Balbix as an intern this past summer. Being able to write code that has an actual impact on the final product and speaking directly with the CEO are experiences that I think would be hard to find at other companies. I have learned so much in such a short period of time."
Avery L
Engineering Intern, UC Berkeley, Class of 2021
"My summer internship at Balbix has been an amazingly intense experience. Every day I get to learn from self-driven and energetic people that take full ownership over their projects. Being able to contribute to this fast-moving team with my work has very rewarding and has helped me improve my skills dramatically."
Jie J
Engineering Intern, CMU, Class of 2022
"Interning at Balbix has been an incredibly enriching experience. The work is challenging, the industry is fascinating, the culture is inspiring, and the team is brilliant. I have learned so much through this internship, in both technical and non-technical realms, that I have never had the opportunity to learn in school."
Claire R
Engineering Intern, Stanford, Class of 2021
Claire R
Engineering Intern, Stanford, Class of 2021
"The summer 2020 internship program was one of a kind, shipping their projects in production despite the challenges of remote work! The program presented interns an excellent exposure and opportunity to expand their skills as software developers, learning the rigor, discipline and attention to detail working on real-time, big-data systems demands."
- Aravand I
Director Engineering
"Balbix doesn't treat interns differently and they thrive on this fact. I was amazed to see how quickly interns adapt to feedback provided and incorporate the same in their next task. They understood the difference between academia and enterprise needs, and learned the art of finding practical and efficient solutions that get the job done."
- Arpit A
Staff Engineer

Internships & Externships

An internship or externship at Balbix is an opportunity to gain valuable, real-world experience while making an impact. You’ll have the opportunity to use cutting edge technology, like artificial intelligence, to solve cybersecurity challenges.

  • Whether it’s integrating our product into other critical security tools or designing new UI that transforms how our customers interact with the product, you’ll work on critical features that go into production.
  • You’ll work with a world class team of experts from wherever you want, participate in fun intern class experiences, and learn about other roles in the company.
  • Take a look at our 2021 Summer internship opportunities to find your place at Balbix. For those of you taking a lighter online course load or gap semester, we’re always seeking talented part-time and full-time externs.

Why Balbix?

At Balbix, whether you’re a summer intern or a new graduate joining us full-time, we seek candidates that embody our core values of honesty, curiosity, judgement, tenacity, and openness. Successful Balbix employees innovate, operate as part of a team, take ownership, and focus on adding value to our customers.

As a successful intern at Balbix, you must have motivation and passion for programming and building world class software products while working from home, or wherever your travels take you. As a critical part of your journey towards a Bachelor’s in CS, you’ll learn and grow while leveraging your strong CS fundamentals- math, data structures, algorithms and SDLC, as well as your experience using Python, JS, GO and C/ C++.