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April 9, 2024

Patch Tuesday Update - April 2024

For April 2024, Microsoft has rolled out a significant update aimed at bolstering the security and performance of its product suite. In this month’s release, users and IT administrators are encouraged to prioritize these updates to protect their systems from known vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Key Highlights from April’s Patch Tuesday:

  • Total Updates: This month, Microsoft has released updates for 120 vulnerabilities across a variety of products, including Windows, Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server, and Exchange Server.
  • Critical Updates: Among the updates, 25 are classified as ‘Critical’. These updates address vulnerabilities that could allow for remote code execution without user interaction. It’s imperative that these patches are applied immediately to prevent potential exploitation.
  • Zero-Day Exploits: April’s update includes patches for 3 zero-day vulnerabilities that have been reported as actively exploited in the wild. These exploits target the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office, underlining the importance of rapid patching.

Vulnerability Breakdown:

  • Remote Code Execution (RCE): 40 patches address RCE vulnerabilities, with the most severe affecting the Windows Kernel and Microsoft Graphics Component, allowing for full control of the affected system.
  • Elevation of Privilege: 35 patches are for elevation of privilege vulnerabilities, which could allow an attacker to gain elevated rights on the compromised machine.
  • Denial of Service (DoS): 15 updates are related to DoS vulnerabilities, helping to reinforce the resilience of Windows network features against such attacks.
  • Information Disclosure: 20 patches address information disclosure vulnerabilities, preventing attackers from gaining access to sensitive information.

Patching Recommendations:

  • Immediate Action: Prioritize the deployment of patches for zero-day vulnerabilities and those rated as ‘Critical’, especially those affecting the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Testing: For environments with complex dependencies, it’s recommended to test patches in a non-production environment to ensure compatibility and minimize business disruption.
  • Comprehensive Security Posture: Beyond patching, maintain a robust security posture through regular system audits, the use of advanced threat detection tools, and cybersecurity awareness training for users.


April’s Patch Tuesday underscores the ongoing challenges and complexities in maintaining cyber hygiene in the face of evolving threats. By promptly applying these updates, organizations can significantly mitigate the risk of compromise.

Stay vigilant, and ensure your systems are updated to enjoy a safer, more secure digital environment. For detailed information about each update and individual vulnerability, visit Microsoft’s official Security Update Guide.