Kids' Cybersecurity Activity Book to the Rescue

March 20, 2020 | 5 min read | Trending Topics


This was a crazy week.

A week where all of us were collectively trying to make sense of this new world and how the global pandemic has already changed our daily routines. On top of that, the constant news cycle and social media connections continue to bombard us with information. It is easy to get spiraled into a sense of worry and helplessness. And I don’t blame you as I am in the same boat.

Each one of us has our unique challenges and worries, as humans first – for our elderly parents, our kids, our neighbors, our communities – and also as professionals, for our work and business. We are trying to maintain business continuity and do our parts to keep our professional commitments and duties fulfilled.

Cybersecurity Activity Book – A resource from us for parents

For all of us parents with kids at home, life during social distancing can get even crazier.

While we are trying our best to keep the kids engaged and focused on educational activities, it is hard to juggle work, conference calls, and kids at home.  I don’t know about you, but I have a new-found respect for homeschooling or stay-at-home parents 🙂

Since your kids are likely on their devices more than usual, take this opportunity to introduce your kids to cybersecurity and talk to them about your job. With that in mind, we have put together a print-at-home activity book that you can print and give to your kids. This book has cybersecurity themed coloring pages, puzzles, games, and other activities that they can enjoy (and they might even appreciate the novelty).  And don’t worry, there’s no form to fill out – just straight to the printable PDF.

While your kids are busy with their new “toy”,  you can get an hour or two to focus on that important project, attend a meeting, or just make a cup of tea for yourself.

Keeping Your Virtual Workday Fun and Manageable 

Here are a few ideas for you, the parent, as you adjust to this new way of working:

  • If you use Zoom, have some fun with the virtual backgrounds. Run a contest to crown the best or worst background of the week. One of our team members alternated between using an image of the coronavirus and a headshot of our CEO 🙂
  • Follow a schedule and take breaks! Routines help with a sense of calm. Wake up at the same time you regularly would and start your “work” day at your usual time. If you haven’t already, set up separate workstations for everyone so they have a place to go to when work starts. That said, there will be distractions. But if you set break times in your schedule, you may be able to limit the distractions to those times. Go for walks outside if you can or throw a ball in the backyard. Get some fresh air and physical exercise.
  • Embrace humor. It is a powerful, common thread that connects us all. If you don’t already, follow @Balbix on LinkedIn where we are running 30 days of our comic strip, Adventures of CISO Ed & Co for some shared laughs.

Keep calm and stay safe.